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Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions DVD w/service

Indispensible for your criminal practice, the complete California Criminal Jury Instructions approved by the Judicial Council of California are now on DVD.
Publisher: LexisNexis
DVD :Updated annually
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ISBN: 9780820569970
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions DVD w/service is a complete set of criminal jury instructions written by the Task Force on Jury Instructions appointed by former California Chief Justice Ronald M. George. Consisting of courts of appeals justices, trial judges, public and private attorneys, academics, and lay people from across California, the Task Force was charged to write instructions that are legally accurate and understandable to the average juror in order to clarify the issues juries must consider in making their decisions. Approved as the state's official jury instructions pursuant to California Rule of Court 2.1050(a) by the Judicial Council of California, the use of these instructions is "strongly encouraged " by Rule 2.1050(e).

Also available in 2 print volumes, the Criminal Jury Instructions are provided here on DVD to bring you the convenience of electronic searches, copy-and-paste functionality, and other electronic features designed to increase your research efficiency. Because they are on DVD you can access the Instructions even when you can't get to the Internet, but electronic access via is also included for ultra-convenience.