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Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions (CALCRIM)

LexisNexis Matthew Bender is proud to be the Official Publisher of CALCRIM.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
eBook :mobi
2018 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522144151
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Book Edition: 13

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Use what the judge is using with the Judicial Council of California Criminal Jury Instructions (CALCRIM), from official publisher LexisNexis Matthew Bender.

Under California Rules of Court, Rule 2.1050(e), use of the Judicial Council instructions is strongly encouraged. If the latest edition of the jury instructions approved by the Judicial Council contains an instruction applicable to a case and the trial judge determines that the jury should be instructed on the subject, it is recommended that the judge use the Judicial Council instruction unless he or she finds that a different instruction would more accurately state the law and be understood by jurors.

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Table of Contents

SERIES 100 Pretrial

SERIES 200 Post-Trial: Introductory

SERIES 300 Evidence

SERIES 400 Aiding and Abetting, Inchoate, and Accessorial Crimes

SERIES 500 Homicide

SERIES 800 Assaultive and Battery Crimes

SERIES 1000 Sex Offenses

SERIES 1200 Kidnapping

SERIES 1300 Criminal Threats and Hate Crimes

SERIES 1400 Criminal Street Gangs

SERIES 1500 Arson

SERIES 1600 Robbery and Carjacking

SERIES 1700 Burglary and Receiving Stolen Property

SERIES 1800 Theft and Extortion

SERIES 1900 Criminal Writings and Fraud

SERIES 2100 Vehicle Offenses

SERIES 2300 Controlled Substances

SERIES 2500 Weapons

SERIES 2600 Crimes Against Government

SERIES 2800 Tax Crimes

SERIES 2900 Vandalism, Loitering, Trespass, and Other Miscellaneous Offenses

SERIES 3100 Enhancements and Sentencing Factors

SERIES 3400 Defenses and Insanity

SERIES 3500 Post-Trial: Concluding