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Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion

Aliza Milner, Professor of Legal Writing, Syracuse University College of Law

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2011 Edition
ISBN: 9780327175858
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Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion can be the main text for any type of "clerking" course and also serve as a desk reference for judicial clerks and interns!

Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion teaches a combination of analytical and practical skills. With its three part focus, the book:
•  1. Provides an introduction to clerking in both the trial and appellate courts;
•  2. Explores clerking for an appellate court, including lessons in thinking and writing for these courts; and
•  3. Offers a complete complete discussion of the analytical and drafting skills necessary for trial court judicial clerks.

Judicial Clerkships: Legal Methods in Motion also is unique in that it:
Instructs students in drafting appellate opinions, both majority and minority, as well as trial court orders, judgments, and findings of fact and conclusions of law.
Helps students to examine fundamental concepts like scope of review, stare decisis, and the spectrum of law and fact. It provides the depth necessary for working with these concepts in a clerkship or internship;
Provides lessons and exercises in "clerking" or editing draft opinions; and
Offers concrete writing tips, based on actual appellate court opinions and trial court orders.