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Jamie Taylor v. Pinnacle Packaging Products, Inc., Case File

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781601564450
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781632822154
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Jamie Taylor v. Pinnacle Packaging Products, Inc. is now also available in these versions by calling 1-800-533-1637:

Defendant's Materials
ISBN 9781601564474
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Plaintiff's Materials
ISBN 9781601564467
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Faculty Materials
ISBN 9781601564481
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In the Third Edition of Taylor v. Pinnacle Packaging Products, Inc., the plaintiff, Jamie Taylor, was hired by the defendant, Pinnacle Packaging Products, Inc., to work in the company warehouse. During her employment, the plaintiff claims she was sexually harassed by the warehouse manager, John Hamilton. Taylor was fired by Hamilton during her probation period. The plaintiff alleges that she was fired because she resisted the advances of Hamilton. Taylor has sued Pinnacle under a Title VII claim for sexual harassment and wrongful discharge.

There are three witnesses for the plaintiff and four for the defendant.

A deposition version of Taylor v. Pinnacle Packaging Products, Inc. is also available in plaintiff, defendant, and faculty versions. The deposition and trial files are fully integrated, so that students may use the deposition materials to study deposition practice and then go on to study trial practice using the trial materials.

A CD with exhibits is included with the file.

There are two witnesses for both the plaintiff and defendant.

Law professors may request the teaching notes for this publication by emailing .

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Table of Contents





Deposition of Jamie Taylor
      Exhibit T-1 Excerpts from Taylor's Diary

Deposition of Lisa Roberts
      Exhibit R-1 Taylor's Email to Roberts

Deposition of John Hamilton
      Exhibit H-1 Hamilton's Work Log
      Exhibit H-2 Hamilton's Email to Singleton

Deposition of Chuck Singleton
Deposition of Michelle Johnson
Deposition of Janet Long

      Exhibit 1 Disciplinary Action dated 5/25/YR-2
      Exhibit 2 Disciplinary Action dated 6/4/ YR-2
      Exhibit 3 Disciplinary Action dated 6/19/YR-2
      Exhibit 4 Temporary Restraining Order dated 3/6/YR-2
      Exhibit 5 Excerpt from Pinnacle Packaging Policies Manual
      Exhibit 6 HR Investigation Report re Taylor's August YR-2
      Exhibit 7 HR Investigation Report re Roberts's February YR-2 Complaint
      Exhibit 8 EEOC Notice of Charge of Discrimination dated 7/17/YR-2
      Exhibit 9 Pinnacle Packaging reply to EEOC dated 8/11/YR-2
      Exhibit 10 EEOC Notice of Right to Sue dated 1/19/YR-1
      Exhibit 11 Diagram of Pinnacle Warehouse