IP Strategy, Valuation, and Damages

In IP Strategy, Valuation, and Damages, Stevan Porter and Michelle Rakiec provide accessible and actionable information about intellectual property in a business context.
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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781522183914
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In IP Strategy, Valuation, and Damages, 2020 Edition, Stevan Porter and Michelle Rakiec, with consulting editor Albert B. Kimball, provide accessible and actionable information about intellectual property in a business context. The book begins by explaining foundational elements of IP, including the different types of IP, their unique characteristics, and their relevance in business, before moving on to valuation of IP, quantifying infringement damages, and how to use IP in business strategy articulation and execution. Each topic is addressed theoretically, linking familiar business concepts and frameworks to IP, and is punctuated with illustrative examples that provide real -world context and immediacy to the discussion.


I learned a few things reading this book. One, don't judge a book by its green cover, and two, the IP valuation world is fascinatingly complex. A new book by Michelle Rakiec and Stevan Porter contains some very interesting insights on the evolving world of IP valuation and damages. – ipkitten.blogspot.com

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Intellectual Property

Chapter 2 The Role of Intellectual Property in Society

Chapter 3 Principles of Intellectual Property Valuation

Chapter 4 Intellectual Property Infringement and Damages

Chapter 5 Strategic Management of Intellectual Property

Chapter 6 Managerial Uses of Intellectual Property

Chapter 7 Variables Affecting Intellectual Property Management