International Copyright Law and Practice (CD-ROM)

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ISBN: 9780820537306
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International Copyright Law and Practice is an annually updated treatise that integrates the global analysis of international copyright with in-depth chapters on national laws.

"Whoever operates in this field beyond national borders cannot, and should not, do so without using this book."

- Wilhelm Nordemann, leading European copyright practitioner and commentator. Book Review, 25 IIC 132 at 134

This comprehensive treatise is organized into three sections, making it easier for the busy practitioner to quickly find critical material. In the first section, International Copyright: An Introduction:, General Editor Paul Edward Geller, explains how to deal systematically with international cases, analyzing the following issues:
•   What laws apply in cases of cross-border infringement?
•   On what grounds may protection be based in such cases?
•   Invoke TRIPs, Berne, other treaties, and/or domestic law?
•   How to meet the conditions of such grounds for protection?
•   Which treaty or domestic provisions govern which issues?
•   What protection follows: national treatment or exceptions?
•   May the court take jurisdiction over a cross-border case?
•   How to trace vesting and chain of title across borders?

The European Union and Copyright, the second section, explains how European law conditions the exploitation of copyright and neighboring rights throughout the European Union.

In the third section, National Chapters, experts explain the laws of Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. To facilitate easier research, these chapters follow a common and intuitive outline answering your critical questions:
•   How are criteria of protectability formulated and construed?
•   What types of works and other productions are protected?
•   What special cases to consider: titles, designs, software, etc.?
•   How are performances, recordings, databases, etc., covered?
•   How long do rights last? What durations for foreign works?
•   Who first owns rights? What rules govern diverse transfers?
•   What procedures govern registration, royalty rates, etc.?
•   What conditions must be satisfied to protect foreign claims?
•   What moral and economic rights apply? How are they infringed?
•   Who may be liable: infringers, dealers, facilitators, hosts, etc.?
•   What exceptions, legal licenses, etc., may serve as defenses?
•   How to obtain civil, criminal, and administrative remedies?