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Institute on Oil and Gas Law with Index Volume

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68th Annual
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The annual proceedings of the Institute on Oil and Gas Law, part of The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law's continuing education program, provide expert guidance on current legal issues involving the oil, gas and energy industries. Published in condensed and edited form—with a separate cumulative index, table of cases, table of articles, and table of authors—the proceedings offer oil, gas and energy practitioners practical ideas and solutions for dealing with the impact of new laws and regulations.

The timeliness of the topics and the insight and experience of the authors make The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law's Annual Institute on Oil and Gas Law a valuable addition to the library of anyone with a practice concerned with oil and gas law.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Recent Developments in Oil & Gas Law, by Alex Ritchie

Chapter 2 – Uncle Sam Wants You: How the “Yates Memo” Affects Company Investigations, by David Gerger

Chapter 3 – An Overview of Coastal Litigation in Louisiana, by Deborah D. Kuchler and Dreda Culpepper Smith
Chapter 4 – Coastal Litigation in the Context of Science Literacy, by Chris McLindon

Chapter 5 – Regulatory Change in Oil and Gas Arbitration: The Latin American Experience, by Nigel Blackaby and Caroline Richard

Chapter 6 – Acquiring Oil and Gas Assets From a Distressed Seller Outside of Bankruptcy, by Christopher L. Richardson

Chapter 7 – Reserve-Based Lending in the United States: A Brave New World, by Dewey J. Gonsoulin Jr.

Chapter 8 – Changes Incorporated into the AAPL 2015 610 Model Form Joint Operating Agreement, by Jeff Weems

Chapter 9 – Brexit: What to Expect and How to Prepare, by Gavin Williams, Dorothy Livingston, and Paul Butcher

Chapter 10 – Corporate Whistleblowing in the Sarbanes-Oxley/Dodd-Frank Era, by Renee Phillips

Chapter 11 – Criminal Antitrust Enforcement: A Practical Guide to Antitrust Prosecutions, by Christopher A. Wray, Wendy Huang Waszmer, Charles J. “Tim” Engel, Jr., Shannon Kasley, and Bobby Gray

Chapter 12 – Where Do We Go From Here—Environmental Trends from the Trenches, by James Martin and Jennifer Keane

Chapter 13 – The More Things Change? Effect of the Elections on Environmental Law and Policy, by Charles H. Knauss, Shannon S. Broome, and Clare Ellis

Chapter 14 – All Good Things Must End: Decommissioning Oil and Gas Facilities and Bankruptcy Impacts, by Mary Koks

Chapter 15 – Deans of Oil and Gas Practice Lecture—The Role of the Regulator: Reflections on Forty Years of Research and Learning about Energy, Economics & the Environment, by Jacqueline Lang Weaver

Chapter 16 – Conspiracy Theory? The Ethical Paradox of “Big Is Bad,” by Arnold J. Johnson

Chapter 17 – The Natural Gas Act, State Environmental Policy, and the Jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit Courts, by Channing Jones