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Idaho Education Laws and Rules

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522138808
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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522138815
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2017 Edition
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This handy reference provides fingertip access to the wide range of statutes and regulations pertaining to education in Idaho. In one concise volume, you will have ready access to the laws that schools, education professionals, and education law attorneys need most often. Fully indexed and annotated by LexisNexis' experienced staff of lawyer-editors, this is a critical resource for anyone who needs to keep abreast of developments in this dynamic area of the law.

The manual's comprehensive coverage includes: employment of teachers, administration of the state school system, public officers and employees, crimes relevant to school operation, school bus statutes, and health provisions relevant to students.

This Edition has been updated with new information pertaining to molestation, guardianship, registration, school board elections, destruction of property, possession of tobacco by minors, blue book distribution to schools, school vehicles exempt from inspection and much more.

Visit our Education Law page for additional resources specifically designed for administrators, school board members, attorneys, principals and teachers.

Table of Contents

(Selected Highlights)
•    Constitution of the State of Idaho
•    Title 6 Actions in Particular Cases
•    Title 7 Special Proceedings
•    Title 9 Evidence
•    Title 16 Juvenile Proceedings
•    Title 18 Crimes and Punishments
•    Title 20 State Prison and County Jails
•    Title 23 Alcoholic Beverages
•    Title 32 Domestic Relations
•    Title 33 Education
•    Title 37 Food, Drugs, and Oil
•    Title 39 Health and Safety
•    Title 44 Labor
•    Title 47 Mines and Mining
•    Title 49 Motor Vehicles
•    Title 50 Municipal Corporations
•    Title 54 Professions, Vocations, and Businesses
•    Title 57 Public Funds in General
•    Title 59 Public Officers in General
•    Title 60 Public Printing and Official Notices
•    Title 63 Revenue and Taxation
•    Title 67 State Government and State Affairs
•    Title 72 Worker's Compensation and Related Laws