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Health and Healthcare Law: California Forms of Pleading and Practice Collection

Publisher: Matthew Bender

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ISBN: 9781522114291
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Be Prepared for California Health and Healthcare Laws

This publication takes the health and healthcare law chapters of California Forms of Pleading and Practice and combines them in one easy to use eBook publication. Health and healthcare issues are perennial hot topics (e.g., medical malpractice, privacy, professional liability defense, provider-payor managed care disputes). The chapters in this publication cover both litigation topics (e.g., medical malpractice, long-term health and residential care disputes) as well as regulatory, administrative actions (e.g., loss of doctor’s license, administrative hearings) and commitment matters (conservators and civil commitments for mental health issues).

Get the Extensive Analytical Coverage of California Forms of Pleading and Practice Chapters

Because of the comprehensive nature of California Forms of Pleading and Practice chapters, you get 1) An overview of the chapter contents, 2) Comprehensive analytical coverage of the legal topic, 3) A Research Guide with citations to the applicable statutes and rules of court, along with a vast list of court case summaries arranged by topic, 4) Checklists, and 5) Forms to prepare and file with courts.

Up-To-Date Coverage

California Forms of Pleading and Practice is updated 5 times per year. Many of the chapters in this eBook offering are updated 3 times during the year, which means you get the latest information faster than other publications or publishers that update only annually.

Linking to Lexis Advance

Citations to primary law such as codes, cases, regulations, and rules of court conveniently link to Lexis Advance.

Helpful Guidance for Additional Research and Forms

The chapters in this publication are cross referenced to other chapters in California Forms of Pleading and Practice, and in some cases to chapters not included the chapters selected for these products, or cross referenced to other important California publications. For times when tangential issues come up not addressed in a chapter (e.g, service of process), the customer can use the cross references to expand to more in-depth research. For cross references to other publications, the most important is California Points and Authorities, which builds the arguments to explain to the court why the litigant should win the matter being submitted by the forms found in the chapters in this eBook publication.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

128 Consumer Contracts: Statutes Regulating Specific Types Of Contracts

180 Dead Bodies And Cemeteries

214 Drugs And Pharmacists

246 Emergency Vehicles

268 Food

295 Hospitals

351 Long-Term Health And Residential Care

361A Mental Health and Mental Disabilities: Judicial Commitment, Health Services and Civil Rights

414 Physicians: Licensing And Discipline

415 Physicians: Medical Malpractice

416: Physicians: Membership On Hospital Staffs Or In Professional Organizations

429 Privacy

511 Sanitation And Sewerage Districts

527 Social Services