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Handling Federal Tort Claims: Administrative and Judicial Remedies

A comprehensive guide that examines all substantive and procedural law under ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9781579116552
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Book Edition: 79

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A comprehensive guide that examines all substantive and procedural law under the Federal Tort Claims Act, including:

•  Practice and procedure
•  Who may sue, be sued, and be joined as a party
•  Jurisdiction and venue
•  Elements of the cause of action
•  Excluded claims
•  Statute of limitations
•  Compromise and settlement

First published in 1964.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Remedies Available When Tort Is Committed by the United States

Chapter 2 The Federal Tort Claims Act: Legislative History

Chapter 3 Purpose and Construction

Chapter 4 Some Differences Between a Tort Suit Against the United States and One Against a Private Individual

Chapter 5 Parties Plaintiff: Who May Sue

Chapter 5A Claims Involving Members of the Armed Forces

Chapter 6 Parties Defendant: Who May Be Sued and Joined

Chapter 7 Jurisdiction and Venue: Where to Sue

Chapter 8 Definitions: Federal Agency, Employee of the Government, and Scope of Employment


Chapter 9 Elements of the Cause of Action

Chapter 10 Extent of Government's Liability: Damages

Chapter 11 Excluded Claims

Chapter 12 The Discretionary Function Exclusion

Chapter 13 Other Express Exclusion


Chapter 14 The Statutes of Limitations

Chapter 15 Compromise and Settlement

Chapter 16 Practice and Procedure: Pretrial, Trial, and After Trial

Chapter 17 Administrative Claims


Table of Cases