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Guide to Maryland Zoning Decisions

Solve your next zoning law puzzle with the premier reference on Maryland zoning ...
Publisher: Michie
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5th Edition
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ISBN: 9780769858128
Publisher: Michie
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Solve your next zoning law puzzle with the premier reference on Maryland zoning laws. This Fifth Edition of Guide to Maryland Zoning Decisions answers the often complex questions associated with land use and zoning law. Topically organized and updated with annual supplements for quicker research, this reference makes it easy to pinpoint specific issues at the turn of a page. The book contains the most up-to-date citations and case law available to aid in preparing for zoning, special exception, and related administrative hearings in Maryland. For further ease of reference it contains a comprehensive Table of Cases and descriptive Index.

Important topics covered in recent updates include conditional zoning, environmental issues, zoning by plebiscite and referendum, impact fees, exhaustion of administrative remedies, zoning of annexed property, and special exceptions, conditional uses, and variances to name a few.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Change or Mistake Rule in Maryland
Chapter 2 Floating Zones
Chapter 3 Decisions of the Zoning Authority and Judicial Review Thereof
Chapter 4 Standing to Appeal; Aggrievement and Appeals
Chapter 5 Rezoning and Subdivision on the Basis of Master Plans, Recommendations of Local Planning Commission, and Plebiscite of the Neighborhood
Chapter 6 Due Process and Evidentiary Matters
Chapter 7 Consideration of the Impact of Rezoning on Public Facilities
Chapter 8 Overzoning - The Relevancy of Need
Chapter 9 Comprehensive Zoning and Demarcations
Chapter 10 Unconstitutional Taking of Property by Failure to Rezone; Confiscation
Chapter 11 Related Areas
Chapter 12 Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
Chapter 13 Recent Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Decisions
Appendix 1 Factors to be Considered in Processing Zoning Map Amendment Applications
Table of Cases