Gibson's Suits in Chancery

Unparalelled analysis and discussion of matters in equity to help you prepare to represent clients in the Tennessee Chancery Courts.
Publisher: Michie

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8th Edition
ISBN: 9780327164180
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8th Edition
ISBN: 9781579115234
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8th Edition
ISBN: 9781579115234
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Gibson's Suits in Chancery, Eighth Edition is the most comprehensive and reliable reference available to Tennessee lawyers who handle matters in equity. Inside you'll find thorough discussion of Tennessee's Chancery Courts and the matters they hear, including the substantive law and jurisprudential principles of equity as they relate to most conceivable types of disputes in equity. Matters of particular importance are discussed at length, including:

• The Court's Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Decrees
• Actions for Ne Exeat, Attachment of Property, Receivers, and Contempt
• Contracts and Partnerships
• Disability, Guardianship, and Estate Administration
• Creditors, Liens, and property actions
• Actions In the Nature and Quo Warranto
• Writs of Mandamus
• Divorce, Alimony and Workers' Compensation
• Interpleader, Declaratory and Summary Judgments, and Injunctive Relief
• Depositions, Elections and Class Actions
• The Appeals Process

You'll also find thorough explanations of start-to-finish procedural issues, from drafting the complaint to submission of the judgment, and a thorough appendix and comprehensive Index help you find the materials you need quickly when you are analyzing a critical issue. Don't be without Gibson's Suits in Chancery, a cornerstone of your practice library with the accuracy and reliability you expect from LexisNexis, the official publisher of the Tennessee Code Annotated.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 The History of the Chancery Court

Chapter 2 Maxims and Principles of Equity

Chapter 3 Proceedings in an Action from Its Preliminaries to the Appearance of the Defendant

Chapter 4 Notice, Lis Pendens, Estoppel, Acquiescence, Negligence, Laches, Waiver, and Consent

Chapter 5 Priorities and Bona Fide Purchasers

Chapter 6 Complaints Generally Considered

Chapter 7 Proceedings Preliminary to Process

Chapter 8 Original Process in Chancery

Chapter 9 Proceedings Between Process and Appearance

Chapter 10 Proceedings from the Appearance of the Defendant to the Close of the Pleadings

Chapter 11 Answers and Disclaimers to Complaints

Chapter 12 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings

Chapter 13 Evidence in Chancery

Chapter 14 The Trial of the Action

Chapter 15 Proceedings in an Action from the Conclusion of the Hearing to the Enforcement of the Decree

Chapter 16 Decree as to Costs

Chapter 17 References to the Matter, and Proceedings Thereon

Chapter 18 Sales in Chancery

Chapter 19 How Decrees are Enforced

Chapter 20 Revivor

Chapter 21 Complaints to Carry Decrees into Executions

Chapter 22 Actions for Ne Exeats, and Proceedings Therein

Chapter 23 Actions for Attachment of Property

Chapter 24 Actions for Receivers and Proceedings Therein

Chapter 25 Actions for the Person for Contempt

Chapter 26 Particular Actions in Chancery

Chapter 27 Actions Arising from Frauds, Accidents and Mistakes

Chapter 28 Actions to Set Up, Reform or Rescind Written Instruments

Chapter 29 Actions for Specific Performance

Chapter 30 Actions for an Accounting

Chapter 31 Actions in Relation to Partnerships

Chapter 32 Actions for Exoneration, Subrogation and Contribution

Chapter 33 Actions Involving Persons Under Disability

Chapter 34 The Administration of Estates

Chapter 35 Actions by Creditors Without Remedy at Law

Chapter 36 Actions to Enforce Liens

Chapter 37 Actions to Protect and Recover Real and Personal Property

Chapter 38 Actions to Partition Land

Chapter 39 Actions in Cases Actionable at Law

Chapter 40 Actions in the Nature and Quo Warranto

Chapter 41 Actions for Writs of Mandamus

Chapter 42 Actions for Divorce and Alimony

Chapter 43 Actions Under the Workers' Compensation Act

Chapter 44 Actions Where No Recovery is Sought: Interpleader and Declaratory Judgments

Chapter 45 Summary Judgments

Chapter 46 Depositions

Chapter 47 Elections

Chapter 48 Class Actions

Chapter 49 Actions for Injunctive Relief and Proceedings Therein

Chapter 50 The Chancellor: His Powers and Duties

Chapter 51 Power and Duties of the Clerk and Mater

Chapter 52 Attorneys: Their Rights, Duties and Liabilities

Chapter 53 Proceedings for the Correction of Errors

Chapter 54 Proceedings and Practice in the Appellate Courts

Chapter 55 The Court of Appeals: Its History and Jurisdiction

Chapter 56 The Supreme Court: Its History and Jurisdiction