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Fulbright v. Americraft Industries and Parker

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Case File :Softbound, 126 pages
4th Edition
ISBN: 9781601564870
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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781601565259
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A high-school football star, John Fulbright, is thrown from his motorcycle and severely injured when it collides with a Cadillac that just pulled out of a parking lot. Most of the witnesses say Fulbright was speeding and not wearing a helmet, but a fourteen-year-old boy says otherwise. There is evidence that the Cadillac's driver, Andrew Parker, an Americraft employee, had been drinking. The plaintiff claims he became an epileptic as a result of his injuries. There is not a helmet law in the State of Nita. There are four witnesses for both the plaintiff and the defendants.

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Table of Contents


Case Synopsis

Deposition of Officer T. J. O'Brien

Deposition of John Fulbright

Deposition of William Brown

Deposition of Andrew Parker

Deposition of Kimberly Anderson

Deposition of George Markham

Deposition of Timothy Harris

Deposition of Randy Flanagan

Jury Instructions

Verdict Form

Deposition Exhibits

      Exhibit 1        Diagram of Accident Scene
      Exhibit 2       Police Report
      Exhibit 3        Supplemental Police Report
      Exhibit 4       George Markham Witness Statement
      Exhibit 5        John Fulbright Witness Statement
      Exhibit 6        Expense Report (July 19-23)
      Exhibit 7        Nita State Football Recruiting Rating
      Exhibit 8        Photograph of John Fulbright
      Exhibit 9        Photograph of Helmet
      Exhibit 10     Photograph of Entrance
      Exhibit 11     Photograph toward Clay
      Exhibit 12     Photograph toward Forest
      Exhibit 13     Michigan Letter
      Exhibit 14     Texas Letter
      Exhibit 15     Penn State Letter
      Exhibit 16     Colorado Letter
      Exhibit 17     Photograph of Kim Anderson
      Exhibit 18     Photograph of Motorcycle
      Exhibit 19     Photograph of Parker's Car
      Exhibit 20     Medical Records, Cover Page
      Exhibit 21     Medical Records, Emergency Department
      Exhibit 22     Barron Discharge Report
      Exhibit 23     EEG Report
      Exhibit 24     Barron Letter (12/12/YR-1)
      Exhibit 25     Barron Letter (2/12/YR-0)
      Exhibit 26     Barron Résumé
      Exhibit 27     Rosenberg Report
      Exhibit 28     Rosenberg Résumé
      Exhibit 29     Epilepsy Article
      Exhibit 30     Photograph of Martini
      Exhibit 31     E-Serve Report
      Exhibit 32 Profile
      Exhibit 33     Parker Emails

Memorandum to Plaintiff's Attorney

Impeachment Problems