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This convenient DVD contains our gold standard Matthew Bender publication on the subject, Dubreuil's Florida Workers' Compensation Handbook, as well as all the court rules and statutes you need for successful workers' compensation practice. Because it's on DVD you can access it even when you can't get to the internet. Extend your capability with the ease of electronic searches, copy-and-paste into your documents, and more.

Written for workers' compensation practitioners and judges, claims adjusters, medical providers, and vocational rehabilitation counselors, the latest edition of Dubreuil's Florida Workers' Compensation Handbook (The Redbook) continues the expertise and practicality of original author John J. Dubreuil (1945-2008) with a practical treatise from current experts in the field designed to streamline your Florida workers' compensation cases.

Along with clear and up-to-date analysis of the law, our authors bring you expert and practical insight, practice points, case summaries, special alerts, sample equations and hypotheticals, charts and tables to aid in determination of benefits, a reference directory with helpful telephone numbers and web sites, cross-references to Larson's Workers' Compensation Desk Edition, and the most detailed index available.

Get your Florida Workers' Compensation Law DVD today from LexisNexis and Matthew Bender, your preferred names for all your legal research needs.

Table of Contents

Dubreuil's Florida Workers Compensation Handbook;

Florida Court Rules;

Florida Statutes;

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