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Florida Real Property Sales Transactions

A helpful guide for practitioners of real estate law in Florida, this book covers issues involved in real estate transactions, from contract to closing.
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9th Edition
ISBN: 9781522139522
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Florida Real Property Sales Transactions covers all the issues a practitioner is likely to encounter when involved in a real property sales transaction in Florida: from the initial attorney-client discussion about clauses in a contract for sale and purchase, to the documents required at a closing, as well as most points in between.

Highlights of the New Edition include:

  • Impact of the Obergefell decision on same-sex marriages with respect to title considerations.
  • Discussion of local government financing of energy-related qualifying improvements under F.S. 163.08
  • Elaboration on guaranties, specifically in regard to the effect the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has over them. 
  • Updated statutory and case law.

 Newly Revised Contracts and Forms

  • Florida Bar and the Florida Association of REALTORS Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase (rev. 4/17).
  • Florida Association of REALTORS Residential Sale and Purchase Contract (CRSP-15)
  • Florida Bar and the Florida Association of REALTORS Comprehensive Rider (CR-5)
  • Florida Association of REALTORS Comprehensive Addendum (CRSP-15 Addenda)
  • Enhanced Life Estate Deed
  • Trustee’s Affidavit

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Table of Contents


1.  Attorneys' Concerns In Real Property Sales Transactions

      Amanda Caruso and Jennie Schwartz

2.  Real Estate Brokers

      Randy J. Schwartz

3.  Basic Agreement

      Legal Publications Staff

4.  Mortgage Financing

      Gary Kaleita and Mark Heimendinger

5.  The Closing

      G. Todd Cottrill

6.  Recording, Notice, and Priority

      Richard J. Fildes, Esq. and Matthew W. Mcmurtrey

7.  Authority To Convey And Execution Of Deeds

      John L. Soileau and Jana L. Armstrong

8.  Property Descriptions

      Guy W. Norris

9.  Express and Implied Covenants and Warranties Contained In Deeds

      Hal H. Kantor and Amanda R. Caruso

10.  Property Subject To Easements, Dedications, Licenses, and Restrictions

        John N. Redding

11.  Title Considerations

        John N. Redding

12.  Escrows

        Legal Publications Staff