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Florida Legal Secretary

Publisher: James Publishing

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781945421433
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781945421433
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Florida Legal Secretary

Prepare documents quickly and correctly with this practice-proven resource

Florida Legal Secretary is different from other legal references. Instead of detailed expositions of the law, it consists of hundreds of nuts-and-bolts procedures and completed forms:

Civil Litigation

•   How to prepare, file, serve, and amend pleadings
•   Preparing and serving written discovery
•   How to prepare and file discovery motions
•   Getting ready for trial
•   Enforcing judgments

Real Estate

•   Preparing purchase and sale documents
•   How to prepare the mortgage
•   Steps for closing sales
•   How to foreclose mortgages, agreements for deeds, and statutory liens
•   Drafting leases and terminating rental agreements

Organizing Businesses

•   Reserving corporate names
•   Preparing and filing corporate formation documents
•   Housekeeping matters
•   Forming LLCs and general and limited partnerships
•   Mergers and dissolutions

Plus similarly-detailed procedures and forms for:

•   Dissolution of marriage
•   Estate administration
•   Criminal litigation

This book-and-Digital Access package provides litigation and transactional forms with completion instructions and filing procedures. Each of the more than 1,000 forms on comes with a quick-reference procedure section in print that details:

•   Whom to serve
•   Who receives copies
•   Other filing requirements and fees
•   How many copies to make
•   Cross-references to related procedural explanations
•   Additional documents to prepare

Instead of digging through old files, needlessly calling the court clerk, or receiving returned, unfiled documents, you can now have at your fingertips the necessary forms, as well as detailed explanations of how to use them.