Florida Foreclosure Law

By Heidi Bassett
Publisher: ALM

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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781628815405
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Foreclosure law in Florida continues to develop at an aggressive pace. Florida’s appellate courts generate a volume of case law every year, providing a need for the addition of new chapters and expanded discussions to this guide. The latest edition includes new form pleadings and discovery, a quick reference guide for the evidentiary basis of trial exhibits, and other relevant forms. For solo practitioners, foreclosure attorneys, litigators, law libraries and business libraries.

Heidi Bassett crafts a practice-focused framework, and follows developments in:

•  The Life of a Mortgage Foreclosure in Florida
•  Default and Acceleration
•  Statutes of Limitation and Repose
•  Standing to Foreclose
•  Title Considerations
•  Foreclosure Complaints
•  Responses to Foreclosure Complaints
•  Statutory Defenses and Claims
•  Litigating with Associations
•  Litigating with Other Interests in Foreclosures
•  Discovery
•  Motions for Summary Judgment in Foreclosure Cases
•  Foreclosure Trials and Evidence
•  Post-Judgment Motion Practice
•  Sanctions
•  Attorney Fees
•  Bankruptcy
•  Appeals
•  Deficiency Judgments