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Florida Criminal Defense Trial Manual

Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (2 issues)

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ISBN: 9780327039068
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ISBN: 9780327181019
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This specialized trial manual makes manageable the challenge of criminal defense practice. The authoritative source for the most commonly prosecuted felonies in Florida, the Florida Criminal Defense Trial Manual contains thorough yet concise coverage of felony proceedings under Florida and federal law. It gives detailed analysis of topics such as arrest, search and seizure, Miranda warnings, line-up procedures, inchoate crimes, check offenses, sexual battery, and drug offenses. Also includes recent case law changes and analysis of the essential elements of each offense.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1 
Chapter 1 Arrest
Chapter 2 Search & Seizure
Chapter 3 [RESERVED]

Volume 1A
Chapter 4 Miranda Warnings
Chapter 5 Line-Up
Chapter 6 Drug Offenses
Chapter 7 - 10 [RESERVED]

Volume 2
Chapter 11 Attempt
Chapter 12 Assault with Intent to Commit Felony
Chapter 13 Aggravated Assault
Chapter 14 Aggravated Battery
Chapter 15 Homicide

Volume 3
Chapter 16 Burglary and Trespass
Chapter 17 Theft, Robbery, & Related Offenses
Chapter 18 Check Offenses
Chapter 19 Sexual Battery
Chapter 20 [RESERVED]

Volume 4
Chapter 21 Insanity
Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure
Relevant Legislative Session Laws