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Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections

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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781601564405
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12th Edition
ISBN: 9781632820938
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12th Edition
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Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections, Twelfth Edition contains the complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence as amended to December 1, 2014. This useful guide is organized for quick reference, with an alphabetical section of major objections, and includes practical tips and legal interpretations for each rule. The small-format packaging is designed so you can easily tuck the book into a pocket or briefcase. The spiral binding allows you to place the book flat on a desk or table, so you can quickly reference pages without damaging the spine.

In addition, the book lists key phrases for objections with thumb tabs for quick reference, and includes a mini-CD with the entire book in PDF format hyper-linked and bookmarked for ease of use.

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Table of Contents


Ambiguous Questions

Argumentative Questions

Asked and Answered Questions

Assuming Facts Not in Evidence

Authentication of Instruments

Authentication of Telephone Conversation and Voices
Character Evidence
       Accused or Victim in a Criminal Case
       Other Acts, Crimes, or Wrongs
       Prior Sexual Activity of Alleged Victim
       Similar Crimes or Acts in Civil or Criminal Sexual Assault or Child Molestation Cases

Competence to Testify

Compound Questions

Compromise Offers and Negotiations


       Tangible Objects

Expert Opinion

Firsthand Knowledge

Guilty Pleas

Habit and Routine Practice

       Attacking and Supporting the Credibility of a Hearsay Declarant
       Nonhearsay Opposing Party's Statement
       Nonhearsay Prior Statements

Hearsay Within Hearsay

Hearsay Exception
       Absence of Entry in Business Records
       Absence of Public Records
       Excited Utterance
       Family Records
       Forfeiture by Wrongdoing
       Former Testimony
       Judgment as to Personal, Family, or General History, or Boundaries
       Judgment of Previous Conviction
       Learned Treatises
       Market Reports and Commercial Publications
       Marriage, Baptismal, and Similar Certificates
       Present Sense Impression
       Public Records and Statements
       Records of Documents Affecting an Interest in Property
       Recorded Recollection
       Records of Regularly Conducted Activity
       Records of Religious Organizations
       Records of Vital Statistics
       Reputation as to Character
       Reputation Concerning Boundaries or General History
       Reputation Concerning Personal or Family History
       Requirement of Unavailability
       Residual Exception
       Statement Against Interest
       Statements in Ancient Documents
       Statements in Documents Affecting an Interest in Property
       Statement of Personal or Family History
       Statements for Purposes of Medical Diagnosis or Treatment
       Statement under Belief of Impending Death
       Then-Existing Mental or Emotional Condition
       Then-Existing Physical Condition

       Bias, Prejudice, Interest, and Improper Motive
       Character Evidence
       Prior Convictions/Civil Cases
       Prior Convictions/Criminal Cases
       Prior Inconsistent Statements
       Specific Instances of Misconduct

Insurance Against Liability

Judicial Notice

Lay Opinion Evidence

Leading Questions

Misquoting the Witness


Nonresponsive Answers


Offers of Proof

Original Document Rule

Offers to Pay Medical and Similar Expenses



Refreshing Present Recollection

       Conditional Admissibility
       Exclusion of Relevant Evidence on Grounds of Prejudice, Confusion, or Waste of Time
       Limited Admissibility
       Rule of Completeness

Subsequent Remedial Measures

Federal Rules of Evidence