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Federal Criminal Practice

Publisher: James Publishing

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Federal Criminal Practice

U.S. Attorneys' offices have become more aggressive. Prosecutors are more frequently:

•   Refusing to produce witness statements before a detention hearing
•   Loading the proffer letter with exceptions
•   Requiring in plea agreements that your client waive his rights to (a) request downward departures at the time of sentencing, and (b) appeal any sentencing issues.

You can effectively counter many of these challenges by employing the tips, arguments, and forms in this wonderful guide.

Federal Criminal Practice is loaded with pretrial release strategies, alternatives to prosecution, discovery angles, plea bargaining and agreement suggestions, sentence negotiation tactics, recent case-based examples, dozens of pretrial motions with memoranda, and hundreds of practice tips. This helpful guide directly addresses issues that affect negotiations and outcomes, and leaves the academic matters to treatises. Order your copy of Federal Criminal Practice today.

Table of Contents

General Principles
Bringing Defendant before the Court
Initial Appearance and Choice of Counsel
Pretrial Release or Detention
Removal Proceedings
Preliminary Examination
Alternatives to Prosecution
Grand Jury Proceedings
Indictment and Information
Pretrial Discovery
Pretrial Motions and Notice of Defenses
Guilty Plea Agreements and Plea Bargaining
Termination, Modification and Revocation of Probation and Supervised Release