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Farm Income Tax Manual

Indispensable explanation, analysis and guidance on the tax issues unique to agricultural clients.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (2 issues)
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ISBN: 9780327171614
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (2 issues)
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Book Edition: 2018A

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Updated twice each year to keep you up-to-date on the latest changes to the law, the Farm Income Tax Manual helps you save time and money on farm income tax returns, whether you own a farm yourself or you prepare tax returns for farm owners. Take advantage of comprehensive coverage that details all the steps involved in preparing a return. This indispensable manual discusses personal exemptions, personal deductions, credits, sale of capital assets, involuntary conversions, farm partnerships, and all other aspects of farm taxes. Each semi-annual update includes updated analysis from careful study of all relevant parts of the Internal Revenue Code and major legislative acts. Now included are updated analyses of:

 •  State imposition of use tax
 •  Valuing and Reporting Un-Harvested Crops at Death
 •  Determination of Income Tax Basis
 •  Decisions on entity classification

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 General Aspects of Preparation of Returns
Chapter 2 Reporting Farm Income
Chapter 3 Deductions


Chapter 4 Losses
Chapter 5 Credits
Chapter 6 Farm Partnerships
Chapter 7 Farm Corporations
Chapter 8 Farmers' Social Security
Chapter 9 Tax Aspects of Debt