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Eyewitness Testimony: Civil and Criminal

Written by experts in eyewitness psychology and an experienced trial attorney, ...
Publisher: LexisNexis
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5th Edition
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ISBN: 9780769882260
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Book Edition: 2017S

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Written by experts in eyewitness psychology and an experienced trial attorney, the new Fifth Edition of Eyewitness Testimony: Civil and Criminal offers courtroom-ready trial techniques and the latest psychological research concerning such issues as jurors’ beliefs about eyewitness testimony, the factors that may impede perception and memory, and illustrates the consequences and effects of eyewitness testimony in both criminal and civil trials. Among the various issues discussed are:

  • Understanding the eyewitness’s memory as the real crime scene;
  • Evaluating eyewitness cases from the prosecutor’s, plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspectives;
  • Telling good social science from “junk”;
  • Analyzing memory evidence as “trace evidence” and what that means;
  • Mobilizing eyewitness science without the eyewitness expert.
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Eyewitness Testimony
    Chapter 2 Factors Determining Perception
    Chapter 3 Factors Determining Retention and Retrieval of Events
    Chapter 4 Recognizing People
    Chapter 5 Evaluating the Eyewitness Case
    Chapter 6 Jurors’ and Others’ Belief About Eyewitness Testimony
    Chapter 7 Pretrial Proceedings in Civil Cases
    Chapter 8 Pretrial Proceedings in Criminal Cases
    Chapter 9 Jury Education and Selection
    Chapter 10 Opening Statement
    Chapter 11 Direct and Redirect Examinations
    Chapter 12 Cross-Examination: Strategies and Tactics
    Chapter 13 Presenting Expert Testimony
    Chapter 14 Instructions for the Jury
    Chapter 15 Closing Argument