Encyclopedia of Matrimonial Clauses

Encyclopedia of Matrimonial Clauses
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Raoul Felder's Encyclopedia of Matrimonial Clauses contains the actual clauses that have helped Mr. Felder become one of the nation's most prominent domestic relations lawyers. The encyclopedia features clauses for separation, pre- and post-nuptial, cohabitation and paternity agreements.

It is packed with hundreds of easy-to-adapt clauses on such important subjects as: attorneys' fees; child custody and visitation; child support; division of property; children's education; estate planning; health insurance and medical expenses; life insurance; the marital home; maintenance and alimony; and tax planning and tax returns.

The Encyclopedia of Matrimonial Clauses is alphabetized, with extensive cross-references to related clauses. Mr. Felder's comments help you choose among alternate versions or combine them to fit changing circumstances. His practice tips suggest how you can make your negotiations go more smoothly and how you can protect yourself from malpractice claims. Forms on CD-ROM.