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Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action

By Daniel J. Krisch and Michael Taylor
Publisher: ALM
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2018 Edition

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ISBN: 9781628814002
Publisher: ALM
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The Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action is a single volume desk reference which compiles, outlines and indexes all theories of recovery under Connecticut law. There's nothing like it presently available to Connecticut practitioners! Since its debut in 2009 it has been cited to by the Connecticut state appellate courts.

Organized into three sections: common law actions, statutory actions and administrative appeals, it also contains relevant statutes of limitation, and requisites for recovering attorneys' fees. The desk book contains notes on applicable procedure and rules, an extensive common word index, and tables of cases and statutes.

The Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action is a quick reference to unfamiliar subjects and a starting point for analysis of any new matter. It is a welcome resource for firms without an extensive law library.

Encyclopedia of Connecticut Causes of Action is a unique working resource for:

SOLO Practitioners, Small Firms: Save time analyzing client problems and preparing pleadings by pin-pointing the starting point of an action before employing more costly research. An inexpensive desk reference for virtually any case that walks in your door!

Managing Partners, LITIGATION Departments: Bring associates up to speed quickly. Reduce training time and expense in preparing briefs and pleadings. Reduce research expense.