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Divorce Tools & Techniques

Proven tactics based on the author's 30 years of experience for handling the common issues and complex problems encountered in divorce practice.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Divorce Tools & Techniques

A divorce is an emotional and legal minefield. Without a detailed plan of action, even an experienced practitioner can be flummoxed by "routine" custody arrangements or property valuation issues; the danger is even greater when the case involves complicated issues arising out of a prenuptial agreement, a bankruptcy, or a family business.

Divorce Tools & Techniques is your action plan. From the initial meeting with a prospective client through trial and post-judgment matters, Divorce Tools & Techniques provides step-by-step guidance based on author Rory T. Weiler's 30+ years' experience handling divorce cases. For example, you will learn how to:

•   Lay the groundwork for trial early in the attorney-client relationship
•   Take control of negotiations without saying a word
•   Deal with a recalcitrant client
•   Deal with a stubborn client
•   Deal with a forgetful witness

Manage the ups and downs of the divorce process and achieve the best for your clients with this practical and affordable guide.

Table of Contents

Hiring the Client
Telling the Love Story Gone Wrong: Drafting Pleadings and Motions for Temporary Relief
Discovery and Pretrial Settlement Conferences
Nothing Says Love Like a Prenuptial Agreement
Tax Facts Every Divorce Lawyer Must Know
Dealing with Expert Witnesses
Bankruptcy and the Divorce Lawyer
Mediation, Negotiation, and Settlement
Preparing for Trial
Successfully Trying a Divorce Case
Judgment and Beyond