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Divorce Practice Handbook

Written by four of the leading experts in the field of family law, Divorce ...
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :383 pages, hardbound
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ISBN: 9781558341678
Publisher: Michie
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Written by four of the leading experts in the field of family law, Divorce Practice Handbook is a lucid and invaluable guide to divorce practice. This compact work covers jurisdictional issues, client interviews, discovery, trial preparation, negotiation tactics, support issues (spousal and child), visitation, property division (including tax considerations), and ethical concerns. It also contains many useful forms, checklists and practice aids, including a model client information manual that provide an efficient way to set up and organize a divorce practice. This excellent book offers a system built and tested by the combined experience of four of the best family law practitioners in the country and will improve every aspect of your divorce practice.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Practice of Family Law: Pride and Challenges in the Profession
Chapter 2 The Family Law Office
Chapter 3 Initial Client Interview
Chapter 4 Discovery
Chapter 5 Organization of Documents
Chapter 6 Preparation of Witnesses for Trial
Chapter 7 Settlement Negotiations
Chapter 8 The Custody and Visitation Case
Chapter 9 The Property Division Case
Chapter 10 The Child and Spousal Support Case
Chapter 11 Prenuptial and Settlement Agreements
Chapter 12 Closing the File