Directory of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

This directory contains a comprehensive listing of the institutions in the ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Publisher: Matthew Bender
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This directory contains a comprehensive listing of the institutions in the United States that offer drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs are listed alphabetically according to the city and state in which they are located. In addition to providing general information about how to contact each facility, the directory includes a brief description of the special programs offered by the particular facility. For example, the listings for facilities that offer special programs for women or adolescents, or for people with HIV or AIDS, indicate that the special programs are offered. Wherever possible, the following information is set forth for each program: what type of services are available; whether treatment is offered on an inpatient basis; the type of facility; and what type of payment is accepted. Facilities that offer counseling for DUI/DWI (Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated) are noted by a star.

The directory was compiled based on information reported by state and federal authorities. The treatment centers included in the directory were approved by the state or local entity charged with overseeing the operation of these facilities in the particular state or territory. However, because federal, state, and local authorities follow differing criteria in licensing or approving drug and alcohol treatment facilities, the criteria for approval vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.