Directory of Corporate Affiliations

The Directory of Corporate Affiliations unravels corporate affiliations with over 228,000 global parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions.

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2022 Edition
ISBN: 9781663336019
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Directory of Corporate Affiliations


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Corporate Affiliations™ print directories are a comprehensive 8-volume set that provides instant insight with company profiles and corporate families for over 228,000 global (U.S. and internationally-based) parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions worldwide-all the way down to the seventh level of corporate linkage.

Domestic companies usually demonstrate revenues in excess of $10 million, substantial assets/net worth, or a work force in excess of 300 persons while non-U.S. based companies usually demonstrate revenues in excess of $10 million.

This directory of LexisNexis corporate affiliations offers you premier corporate families information plus:

Corporate Identity: Company name, private, public or international status, ticker symbol and exchange, state of incorporation, and contact information including address, telephone, fax and url.

Descriptive Data: Year founded, number of employees, ownership percentage, business description, primary industries indicated by SIC and NAICS codes, and brands with product descriptions.

Current Financials: Annual sales/revenue, net income/earnings, net worth, total assets and liabilities, and fiscal year-ends.

Personnel: Names and titles for top executives, including CEO's, marketing vice presidents, financial officers, board of directors, purchasing agents and more.

Advisors: Such as legal firms, auditors, bankers, pension managers, registrars and transfer agents for the companies listed.

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