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Demonstratives: Making Effective Graphics for Trial

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ISBN: 9781601565501
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What is it about PowerPoint that inspires such loathing in people? In a word: bullets. For many users and their bored-stiff audiences, bulleted lists are the be-all and end-all of a PowerPoint presentation. But according to legal technologist and author John Cleaves, if making a slideshow of bulleted lists is all you ever do with PowerPoint, then you're missing out on the software's incredible capacity to create dramatic courtroom demonstratives that not only illustrate your point, but create memorable images and animations that will stay in the minds of jurors in the deliberation room and beyond.

In Demonstratives: Making Effective Graphics for Trial, you will learn, step by step, how to:

  • Develop a consistent theme (or "brand") throughout your demonstratives so they have their own "look and feel" that jurors can readily identify as your side of the case 
  • Create a variety of timelines that tell and "sell" your client's story in the order it happened 
  • Make your important quotes, callouts, and "tear outs" look like they were created by a professional graphic artist 
  • Transform your data into graphs and charts that explain or analyze information in a clear way 
  • Insert photographs, videos, and animated GIFs into your slideshow to demonstrate who, what, where, and even how
  • Add motion to the objects you create to bring to life traffic patterns, patent figures, equipment machination, and much more 
  • Design three-dimensional physical models, still lifes, and text that highlight volume, size, and spatial relationships among objects 

The eBook closes with everything you need to know to share your demonstratives in the courtroom: from the Federal Rules of Evidence you must consider to a checklist of audio-visual equipment to bring and tasks to complete once you are finally in the courtroom.

Whether you are an attorney, a paralegal, a law professor, or a student, we envision you using this eBook alongside your computer, open on either an iPad or a secondary monitor while you create your demonstrative exhibits in PowerPoint. This eBook's functionality is optimized on an iPad because it enables you to pinch-zoom the graphics to view the details, but it may also be downloaded to your desktop and viewed with Adobe Digital Editions. Digital Reader is an eBook reader for PC and Mac-and best of all, it's free.

Download Demonstratives today and see for yourself what puts the power in PowerPoint. Your demonstrative exhibits will never be the same.

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Chapter 1   Introduction to PowerPoint®

Chapter 2   Templates and Themes

Chapter 3   Timelines

Chapter 4   Quotes and Callouts

Chapter 5   Graphs

Chapter 6   Charts

Chapter 7   Photographs and Videos

Chapter 8   Animations

Chapter 9   3-D and Physical Models

Chapter 10   Using Demonstratives