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Deering's California Rules of Court

This volume includes all rules approved by the Supreme Court and the Judicial ...
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :4 volumes, hardbound
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ISBN: 9780327045717
Publisher: Michie
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This volume includes all rules approved by the Supreme Court and the Judicial Council of California, the Rules of Professional Conduct (State Bar Rules). Also included are rules by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals with Appendices including provisions for representation of financially unable persons, rules governing judicial misconduct, procedures for prepriefing conferences, and forms from the Rules of Appellate Procedure.

This book offers the following helpful reference aids:
An analysis showing the organization of the Rules of Court
A detailed and comprehensive index
California Forms of Pleading and Practice and other Matthew Bender publications,
California Jurisprudence 3d (Rev),
the Witkin California publications,
and the Rutter publications.

Table of Contents

Rules Relating to the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal. Rules 1-80
Rules on Appeal to the Superior Court. Rules 101-191
Rules of the Superior Courts. Rules 201-299
Civil Law and Motion Rules. Rules 301-391
Sentencing Rules for the Superior Court. Rules 401-490
Rules for Municipal Courts. Rules 501-560
Rules Relating to Justice Courts. Rules 701-796
Miscellaneous Rules Relating to Trial Courts. Rules 801-892
Rules for Censure, Removal, Retirement or Private Admonishment of Judges. Rules 901-936
Rules Relating to Attorney Admission and Disciplinary Proceedings and Review of State Bar Proceedings. Rules 950-970
Rules for Publication of Appellate Opinions. Rules 976-979
General Rules Applicable to All Courts. Rules 980-989.7
Coordination of Trial Courts. Rule 991
Rules Relating to the Courts' Automation and Information Systems. Rules 1010-1014
The Judicial Council. Rules 1001-1007
Judicial Council Committees. Rules 1010-1014
Judicial Council Standing Advisory Committees. Rules 1020-1034
Judicial Council Ad Hoc Advisory Committees. Rule 1040
The Administrative Office of the Courts
Family Law Rules. Rules 1201-1299.52
Juvenile Court Rules. Rules 1400-1499
Rules for Coordination of Civil Actions Commenced in Different Trial Courts. Rules 1500-1550
Judicial Arbitration Rules for Civil Cases. Rules 1600-1639
Rules for Small Claims Actions. Rules 1701-1860
Rules for Fax Filing and Service. Rules 2001-2009
Differential Case Management Rules. Rules 2101-2106

California Rules of Court Appendix:
Standards of Judicial Administration Recommended by the Judicial Council
Code of Judicial Ethics
Age Increase Factor Table
Discretionary Child Support
Liability Limits of a Parent or Guardian Having Custody and Control of a Minor for the Torts of a Minor

Local Rules of the Courts of Appeal

Supreme Court Policies Regarding Cases Arising from Judgments of Death