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Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court

Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (1 issues)
Print Book :35 volumes, hardbound, issued annually
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ISBN: 9780327123767
Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (1 issues)
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Decisions of the United States Supreme Court is a series of hardbound volumes, one for each Supreme Court term beginning with the 1963- 64 term. This series is written for use by the general public as well as legal professionals. Each annual volume includes (from the Advance Sheets) the L. Ed. 2d summaries of the opinion decisions for that court term, plus such items as biographies of the Supreme Court Justices, a survey of the term, a glossary of common legal terms, and an index. There is also a softbound Cumulative Case Table for the series.

Table of Contents

(Sample contents, from the Decisions volume for the 2014- 15 Term)



The Court’s Personnel

Survey of the 2014- 15 Term

Summaries of Decisions

Glossary of Common Legal Terms

Table of Cases