Debtor-Creditor Law

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Debtor-Creditor Law is a comprehensive multi-volume treatise, written by prominent experts in the field, which offers users complete coverage of all aspects of the debtor-creditor relationship, including current case law, practical guidance and numerous forms for the practitioner. In addition to comprehensive coverage of federal consumer credit legislation and the reprint of related statutes and regulations, Debtor-Creditor Law also features chapters covering several Uniform Commercial Code Articles, including Article 2 (Sales), Article 3 (Negotiable Instruments), Article 4A (Funds Transfers) and Revised Article 9 (Secured Transactions). Additional topics addressed include:

  • third party obligations, such as usury, guaranty, suretyship, subrogation, and fraudulent conveyances;
  • satisfaction of obligations through non-judicial remedies, such as self-help repossession, mechanics liens and statutory liens, as well as through possessory proceedings, such as attachment, garnishment, replevin and mortgage foreclosure; and
  • international insolvency law and enforcement of judgments for a variety of countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany and India.
    First published in 1982.

    14 Volumes; looseleaf; updated with revisions.

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    Table of contents

    CHAPTER 1 Truth in Lending 

    CHAPTER 2 High Rate Home Equity Loan Protections

    CHAPTER 3 The Consumer Leasing Act and Automobile Leases

    CHAPTER 4 Unfair and Deceptive Credit Practices

    CHAPTER 5 Credit Discrimination

    CHAPTER 6 The Cost of Credit

    CHAPTER 7 Rent-to-Own Transactions

    CHAPTER 8 Fair Debt Collection

    CHAPTER 9 Garnishment and Exemptions

    CHAPTER 10 Repossessions

    CHAPTER 11 Utility Terminations

    CHAPTER 12 Student Loans and Trade School Abuses

    CHAPTER 13 Foreclosure Defense

    CHAPTER 14 Liability of Assignees and Related Creditors; The FTC Holder Rule

    CHAPTER 15 Credit Cards

    CHAPTER 16 Fair Credit Reporting

    CHAPTER 17 Credit Repair Agencies

    CHAPTER 18 Sales

    CHAPTER 19 Personal Property Leasing

    CHAPTER 20 Negotiable Instruments

    CHAPTER 21 The Bank-Customer Relationship

    CHAPTER 21A Funds Transfers

    CHAPTER 22 Bulk Transfers (Sales)

    CHAPTER 23 Documents of Title

    CHAPTER 24 Secured Transactions

    CHAPTER 25 UCC Revised Article 9: A Complete Restatement of Personal Property Security Transactions

    CHAPTER 26 Confession of Judgment

    Chapter 26A Trial Strategies and Techniques for Commercial Lawsuits

    CHAPTER 27 Enforcements of Money Judgments: Objectives and Restrictions

    CHAPTER 28 Collecting Money Judgments: Priorities and Procedure

    CHAPTER 29 Constitutionality of Attachment, Garnishment, Replevin, and Execution

    CHAPTER 30 Attachment

    CHAPTER 31 Income Garnishment

    CHAPTER 32 Replevin

    CHAPTER 33 Bankruptcy Law

    CHAPTER 34 Chapter 13 Wage Earner Plans

    CHAPTER 35 Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

    CHAPTER 36 Receivership

    CHAPTER 37 Compositions and Extensions

    CHAPTER 38 Remedies for the Recovery of Money

    CHAPTER 39 Spendthrift Trusts and Their Functional Substitutes

    CHAPTER 40 Asset Protection Trusts

    CHAPTER 41 Asset Securitization

    CHAPTER 42 Fraudulent Conveyances

    CHAPTER 43 Usury

    CHAPTER 44 Guaranty

    CHAPTER 45 Suretyship

    CHAPTER 46 Subrogation

    CHAPTER 47 Escrowees

    CHAPTER 48 Mechanics' Liens on Real Property

    CHAPTER 49 Miscellaneous Statutory Liens

    CHAPTER 50 Federal Tax Liens

    CHAPTER 51 Mortgage Foreclosure

    CHAPTER 52 Self-Help Repossession

    CHAPTER 53 Community Property

    CHAPTER 54 Argentine Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act (Law #24,522)

    CHAPTER 55 Bankruptcy in Brazil

    CHAPTER 56 Canadian Business Bankruptcy Law

    CHAPTER 57 The Law of Insolvency in England and Wales

    CHAPTER 58 French Business Insolvency Law

    CHAPTER 59 Germany's Insolvency Statute

    Chapter 60 RESERVED

    CHAPTER 60A Australia's Insolvency Law

    CHAPTER 60B Indian Law Of Insolvency Of Businesses And Individuals

    CHAPTER 61 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

    CHAPTER 62 Enforcement of Judgments in Argentina

    CHAPTER 63 Enforcement of Judgments in Brazil

    CHAPTER 64 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Canada

    Chapter 65 RESERVED

    CHAPTER 66 Enforcement of Judgments in France

    CHAPTER 67 Enforcement of Judgments in Germany

    CHAPTER 68 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Japan