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Debt Collection Manual: Regulation, Law, and Best Practices

Expert David Reed brings you comprehensive, hands-on guidance for running an effective collections operation at your bank, complete with sample letters, policies, procedures, and questionnaires. Minimize losses and reduce the risk of bad debt with this essential guide.
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ISBN: 9781630443306
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Make Your Collections Efforts Pay!

Almost every financial institution has room for improvements in its collections process. The Debt Collection Manual gives you the tools and information you need to make your collections process as productive and safe as possible.

With your paid subscription, you'll receive:
•   Comprehensive, hands-on guidance for running an effective collections operation that integrates the latest best practices, legal considerations, and regulatory issues
•   Sample collections letters, policies, procedures, and questionnaires that have been proven to work in other institutions

The Debt Collection Manual shows you how to prevent bad debt and minimize losses, gives you sample collection letters and call scripts, explains skip tracing techniques, and covers legal procedures you can use. So whether you're setting up an in-house department or you want to improve your current process to avoid problems and increase recoveries, this manual is your blueprint for an effective, efficient collections organization.

Table of Contents

Precollection Considerations
Chapter 1   Precollection Considerations and the Loan Application
Chapter 2   Setting Up the Collections Department
Collection Techniques
Chapter 3   When You Think Things Are Going Bad
Chapter 4   Collection Techniques
Chapter 5   Skip Tracing
Chapter 5A   Military Collections
Mass Layoffs, Bankruptcy
Chapter 6   How to Handle the Mass Layoff
Chapter 7   Bankruptcy
Methods of Recovery
Chapter 8   The Charge-Off Process
Chapter 9   Life After Charge-Off: How to Make a Bad Account Work for You
Chapter 10   Workouts and Settlements
Chapter 11   Auto Repossession
Chapter 12   Real Estate Workouts and Foreclosure
Legal and Regulatory Issues
Chapter 13   The Law: How to Use It to Collect on Your Debts
Chapter 14   Statutes and Regulations That Apply to Banks
Chapter 15   Probate