CSC® Wyoming Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated

Wyoming is one of the fastest-growing states for incorporation in the U.S. Whether you practice in Wyoming or have clients with businesses incorporated there, this portable, easy-to-use deskbook is the comprehensive collection of up-to-date corporate law statutes and forms you need to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently and advise your clients with confidence.
Publisher: CSC

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  • The most comprehensive collection of Wyoming business entity statutes available in a deskbook, featuring the full text of Title 17—Corporations, Partnerships and Associations from the Wyoming Statutes updated with through the 2020 legislative session
  • Also includes related sections covering chancery courts, trade name registration, arbitration and civil actions, as well as selected chapters concerning investment securities and secured transactions from the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Fully annotated with the latest case notes from state and federal courts interpreting the law, as well as the full text of three recent cases exploring the latest legal developments concerning limited partnerships, LLCs, and the doctrine of respondeat superior
  • An easy-to-reference Fee Table showing the Wyoming Secretary of State’s required filing fees for various business services
  • More than 80 up-to-date Wyoming forms for incorporation/formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all entity types available to readers via our online download center  

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The 2019 edition ISBN was 9781522181125.

Pub Number: 33753

Table of Contents

About the Senior Legal Advisor to CSC Publishing
Table of Sections Affected by 2020 Legislation
Table of New Annotations
Summary of Full Text Wyoming Cases
Wyoming Fee Schedule

Title 17.  Corporations, Partnerships and Associations
        Chapter 3.  Practice of Professions by Corporations
        Chapter 4.  Securities
        Chapter 7.  Charitable, Educational, Religious and Other Societies
        Chapter 8.  Churches and Religious Societies Generally
        Chapter 10.  Cooperative Marketing Associations
        Chapter 11.  Industrial Corporations
        Chapter 12.  Miscellaneous Companies
        Chapter 14.  Limited Partnerships
        Chapter 15.  Limited Liability Companies
        Chapter 16.  Wyoming Business Corporation Act
        Chapter 17.  Close Corporation Supplement
        Chapter 18.  Wyoming Management Stability Act
        Chapter 19.  Wyoming Nonprofit Corporations Act
        Chapter 20.  Wyoming Cooperative Utilities Act
        Chapter 21.  Uniform Partnership Act
        Chapter 22.  Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act
        Chapter 23.  Wyoming Statutory Trust Act
        Chapter 24.  Business Names
        Chapter 25.  Close Limited Liability Company Supplement
        Chapter 26.  Conversion
        Chapter 27.  Electronic Annual Reports
        Chapter 28.  Registered Offices and Agents
        Chapter 29.  Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act
        Chapter 30.  Wyoming Statutory Foundation Act

Title 1.  Code of Civil Procedure
        Chapter 5.  Venue
        Chapter 14.  Fees and Costs and Security Therefor
        Chapter 19.  Sale of Corporate Stock Under Execution or Attachment
        Chapter 31.  Quo Warranto
        Chapter 36.  Arbitration

Title 5.  Courts
        Chapter 13.  Chancery Courts

Title 34.  Property, Conveyances and Security Transactions
        Chapter 29.  Digital Assets

Title 34.1.  Uniform Commercial Code
        Revised Article 1.  General Provisions
        Article 8.  Investment Securities
        Article 9.  Secured Transactions

Title 40.  Trade and Commerce
        Chapter 2.  Trade Names Registration

Code of Wyoming Rules
        Program 0001.  Article 9 Secured Transactions
        Program 0017.  Securities
        Program 0020.  Trademark Act
        Program 0023.  Registered Offices and Agents Act
        Program 0024.  Business Entities

Appendix: List of Wyoming Business Entity Forms