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CSC® Nevada Laws Governing Business Entities

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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781632833587
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2016 Edition
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2016 Edition
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CSC brings you Nevada Laws Governing Business Entities, 2016 Edition. Newly updated for 2016, this annotated statutory collection helps you research more effectively, complete transactions efficiently and better advise your clients.


Easily access the most important Nevada business entity laws
You’ll find all the business entity statutes, rules and forms that you need to transact business in Nevada.

Readily pinpoint new and amended sections and recently added case notes
Use the Table of Sections Affected and to find legislative changes quickly. The Table of New Annotations and change bars indicate case notes added since the last edition.

Gain insight
Legislative analyses prepared by Nevada business law experts give you valuable insight regarding the latest changes to the law.


  • Changes to over 140 statutes in the Business Associations Title and related titles
  • The latest case notes interpreting the law
  • Companion CD-ROM with updated Nevada forms covering incorporation/formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all entities
  • Five full text cases regarding recent developments regarding sale of an LLC, transfer agents, partnership-by-estoppel, derivative claims, and jurisdiction over foreign corporations.

CSC titles are now available as both stand-alone eBooks and on the LexisNexis® Digital Library. The electronic editions allow Lexis Advance® users to easily link online for additional research.

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Pub Number: 28508

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


About the Senior Legal Advisors to CSC

Sections Affected By 2015 Legislation

Table of New Annotations

Analysis Of Select 2015 Legislative Changes To Nevada Laws Governing Business Entities

Nevada Full-Text Case Summaries

Title 7.  Business Associations; Securities; Commodities
•  Chapter 75.  General Provisions
•  Chapter 75A.  State Business Portal
•  Chapter 76.  State Business Licenses
•  Chapter 77.  Model Registered Agents Act
•  Chapter 78.  Private Corporations
•  Chapter 78A.  Close Corporations
•  Chapter 78B.  Benefit Corporations
•  Chapter 80.  Foreign Corporations
•  Chapter 81.  Miscellaneous Organizations
•  Chapter 82.  Nonprofit Corporations
•  Chapter 83.  Cemetery Associations [Repealed]
•  Chapter 84.  Corporations Sole
•  Chapter 85.  Hospitals and Charitable Asylums [Repealed]
•  Chapter 86.  Limited-Liability Companies
•  Chapter 87.  Partnerships
•  Chapter 87A.  Uniform Limited Partnership Act (2001)
•  Chapter 88.  Uniform Limited Partnership Act
•  Chapter 88A.  Business Trusts
•  Chapter 89.  Professional Entities and Associations
•  Chapter 90.  Securities (Uniform Act)
•  Chapter 91.  Commodities
•  Chapter 92A.  Mergers, Conversions, Exchanges and Domestications

Constitution of the State of Nevada
•  Art. 8.  Municipal and Other Corporations

Title 2.  Civil Practice
•  Chapter 11.  Limitation of Actions [selected section]
•  Chapter 14.  Commencement of Actions [selected sections]

Title 3.  Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings
•  Chapter 31.  Attachment, Garnishment and Other Extraordinary Remedies [selected section]
•  Chapter 35.  Quo Warranto
•  Chapter 41.  Actions and Proceedings in Particular Cases Concerning Persons [selected section]

Title 13.  Guardianships; Conservatorships; Trusts
•  Chapter 162.  Fiduciaries

Title 14.  Procedure in Criminal Cases
•  Chapter 175.  Trial [selected section]

Title 15.  Crimes and Punishments
•  Chapter 193.  General Provisions[selected section]
•  Chapter 205.  Crimes Against Property [selected sections]

Title 18.  State Executive Department
•  Chapter 225.  Secretary of State [selected sections]

Title 41.  Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events
•  Chapter 463.  Licensing and Control of Gaming

Title 46.  Mines and Minerals
•  Chapter 520.  Mining Corporations and Partnerships

Title 52.  Trade Regulations and Practices
•  Chapter 602.  Doing Business Under Assumed or Fictitious Name

Title 55.  Banks and Related Organizations
•  Chapter 661.  Organizational Requirements
•  Chapter 670.  Development Corporations

Title 58.  Energy; Public Utilities and Similar Entities
•  Chapter 704.  Regulation of Public Utilities Generally [selected sections]
Rules Of Civil Procedure For The Nevada District Courts
•  Rules 23.1, 23.2

Appendix A: Full-Text Cases

Appendix B: List of Nevada Business Entity Forms


•  Editable Nevada Business Entities Forms