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CSC® Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated

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Fall 2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522140450
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Fall 2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522140467
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Fall 2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522140467
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CSC brings you Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities, Fall 2017 Edition. This annotated deskbook helps you to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently, and better advise your clients. 


Easily Access the Most Important Business Entity Law
You'll find all the statutes, rules, forms, and opinions that you need to transact Delaware business.

Volume 1 features the following statutory content:

  • General Corporation Law
  • Revised Uniform Partnership Act
  • Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
  • Limited Liability Company Act
  • Court of Chancery
  • Uniform Commercial Code (Articles 1, 8 and 9)

Volume 2 features case notes from state and federal courts across the country interpreting Delaware business entity law. Also includes the full text of recent key Delaware business opinions and Guidelines for Persons Litigating in the Court of Chancery.

Quickly Pinpoint Statutory Changes
Use the Table of Sections Affected to find new and amended statutes quickly. Blackline Amendment notes after each amended section show additions and deletions.

Identify New Case Notes
The Table of New Annotations and change bars highlight the most recently added annotations interpreting the law.

Find Required Fees and Forms
The Amounts Payable summary provides a snapshot of fees for different entities.

Up-to-Date Forms You Need to Conduct Business in Delaware
Over 100 PDF forms for all entity types are located on the companion CD-ROM.


  • Updated through Chapter 103 of the 149th Session of the Delaware General Assembly, with updates to the Chancery Court Rules updated through August 15, 2017.
  • In-depth legal analyses written by CSC's Senior Legal Advisors, Delaware attorneys Matthew O'Toole and Robert Symonds, explore the impact of the legislation coming out of the 2017 Session.
  • Over 100 new case notes from Delaware courts and other federal and state courts applying Delaware law.
  • Six new full text cases focusing on the latest legal developments regarding concerning corporate attorney-client privilege, appraisal, fair market value, ratification, and redemption.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

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Pub Number: 25410

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


About the Senior Legal Advisors to CSC
Table of Sections Affected
Table of New Annotations
Summary of Full Text Cases

Amounts Payable by Business Entities under Delaware Law

      General Corporation Law
      Corporation Franchise Tax
      Professional Service Corporations

Alternative Entities
      Revised Uniform Partnership Act
      Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
      Limited Liability Company Act
      Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act
      Delaware Statutory Trust Act

Delaware Court of Chancery
      Court of Chancery
      Chancery Court Rules

Personal Jurisdiction
      Process; Commencement of Actions [selected sections]

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
      Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
      Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition Act
      Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act

      Abandoned or Unclaimed Property
      Other Unclaimed Property

Delaware Choice of Law Statute
      Contracts [selected sections]

Uniform Commercial Code
      Article 1.  General Provisions
      Article 8.  Investment Securities
      Article 9.  Secured Transactions

Alternative Dispute Resolution
      Voluntary Alternative Dispute Resolution

Appendix A — Full Text Cases
Appendix B — Delaware Business Entity Forms

Guidelines to Help Lawyers Practicing in the Court of Chancery