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CSC® Colorado Laws Governing Business Entities

Publisher: CSC

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522136828
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2017 Edition
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CSC is pleased to bring you the latest edition of Colorado Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated, 2017 Edition. This deskbook is the comprehensive collection of Colorado business entity statutes and case law you need to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently and advise your clients with confidence. 


  • All statutes covering Colorado business entities updated through the 2017 legislative session, with over a dozen amended or enacted sections, including changes to the Benefit Corporations law
  • New in the Edition—the Uniform Arbitration Act
  • The latest case notes from state and federal courts interpreting Colorado business law
  • Four full-text cases covering recent legal developments regarding charging orders, exculpatory clauses, dissolution, and jurisdiction over parent companies
  • A companion CD-ROM containing forms for incorporation/formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all entity types

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The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options. 

Pub Number: 33570 

Table of Contents


About the Senior Legal Advisors to CSC
Table of Sections Affected by 2017 Legislation
Analysis of 2017 Legislative Changes to Colorado Business Entity Laws
Summary of Featured Full-Text Colorado Cases

Title 7. Corporations and Associations
       Colorado Corporation Code
       Nonprofit Corporations
       Special Purpose Corporations
       Religious and Benevolent Organizations
       Trademarks & Business Names
       Trade Secrets
       Limited Liability Companies

Title 4. Uniform Commercial Code
       Article 1. General Provisions
       Article 8. Investment Securities
       Article 9. Secured Transactions

Title 13. Courts and Court Procedure
       Article 1. General Provisions [selected sections]
       Article 22—Part 2. Uniform Arbitration Act

Title 39. Taxation
       Article 22. Income Tax [selected sections]

Appendix A — Full-Text of Featured Cases
Appendix B — List of Colorado Business Entity Forms