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Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits

Publisher: James Publishing

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Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits is not your average, run-of-the-mill case digest. This collection of almost 200 case summaries, culled from all 11 Circuits and the D.C. Circuit, is as entertaining as it is informative. Author Matthew G. Kaiser explains the law and the rationale underlying the courts' decisions in a narrative style that is smart, thoughtful, witty, and highly readable.

Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits:

•   Covers a broad range of topics, from Evidence & Trials to Federal Sentencing to Searches & Seizures and Tax Offenses.
•   Demonstrates the many ways a federal criminal defendant can win: The indictment may be dismissed; the case may be remanded for a new trial or resentencing; a conviction may be reversed. A victory may be based on substantive or procedural grounds; judicial error; juror misconduct; or prosecutorial overreaching.
•   Gives detailed attention to the facts of each case, as well as the court's legal analysis, so that you can apply the same winning strategy to your own cases with similar facts.
•   Includes dozens of short summaries – victories "in brief" – in addition to the nearly 200 detailed summaries, to jumpstart your research.
•   Celebrates the beauty of a well-written opinion (and the sweet sorrow of a well-reasoned dissent).
•   Highlights resourceful and zealous defense lawyering, with examples of techniques you can apply in your practice.

Table of Contents

Criminal Justice System
Evidence and Trials
Federal Sentencing
First Amendment
Guilty Pleas
Gun Crimes
How We Treat People
Interpreting Statutes
Lawyer-Client Relations
Money Laundering
Public Corruption
Restitution and Fines
Searches and Seizures
Tax Offenses