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Courtroom Medicine: Psychic Injuries

Explains the psychology of every injury as well as the treatment and prognosis; includes information on psychic injuries from trauma.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9781579116125
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Book Edition: 58

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•  Covers three areas essential to understanding psychic injuries: adaption to physical disabilities, types of trauma associated with psychological sequelae, and maladaptive reactions to trauma
•  Examination of expert witnesses, including material on elements of recovery for psychic injuries
•  Pharmacologic agents used to treat of psychic disorders
•  Glossary of psychiatric terms, annotation, bibliography, aphorisms, and index

First published in 1975.

3 Volumes, looseleaf; updated two times a year with revisions and supplements.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Techniques of Examination of Witness


Chapter 2 Personality and Mental Disorders

Chapter 2A Diagnostic Categories (DSM-III-R)

Chapter 3 Freudian Concepts

Chapter 4 Defense Mechanisms

Chapter 5 Psychological Responses to Trauma

Chapter 6 Analysis of Physical Exam

Chapter 7 Examination for Psychic Injury

Chapter 7A The Psychiatric Report

Chapter 8 Attorney Evaluates Plaintiff


Chapter 9 Personality and Behavioral Changes Following Trauma

Chapter 9A Abuse of Drugs

Chapter 9B Alcoholism

Chapter 9C Drinking, Driving and Chemical Testing

Chapter 10 Postconcussion Syndrome

Chapter 10A Migraine

Chapter 10B Complex Regional Pain Syndromes

Chapter 11 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Chapter 11A Rape Trauma Syndrome

Chapter 11B Domestic Violence: Spouse/Partner Abuse and Elder Abuse

Chapter 12 Adaptation to Physical Disabilities

Chapter 12A Impotence

Chapter 12B Psychological Consequences of AIDS

Chapter 12C HIV-1-Associated Dementia


Chapter 13 Trauma Associated with Psychological Sequelae

Chapter 13A Stress-Related Disorders

Chapter 13B Eating Disorders

Chapter 13C Sleep Disorders

Chapter 13D Psychological Consequences for Victims of Criminal Acts

Chapter 13E Assessment and Management of Homicidal Intent

Chapter 13F The Somatoform Disorders: Somatization, Conversion and Hypochondriasis

Chapter 14 Maladaptive Reactions to Trauma

Chapter 14A Psychological Consequences of Disfigurement

Chapter 14B Psychological Consequences of Vision Loss

Chapter 14C Psychological Consequences of Hearing Loss

Chapter 14D Breast Surgery and Its Psychological Aspects

Chapter 15 Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluation

Chapter 15A Evaluation of Permanent Impairment: Mental or Behavioral Disorders

Chapter 15B Neurologic Examination and Tests: Their Purpose and Uses

Chapter 15C Details of the Neurologic Examination

Chapter 15D Details of the Psychological Examination

Chapter 15E Medical Records

Chapter 16 Alzheimer's Disease

Chapter 16A Psychotherapy

Chapter 16B Drugs Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Chapter 16C Psychosurgery

Chapter 16D Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Chapter 16E Tardive Dyskinesia

Chapter 17 Psychiatric and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Pain Syndromes

Chapter 17A Psychological Consequences of Amputation

Chapter 17B Psychological Consequences of Burn Injuries

Chapter 17C Psychological Factors in Low Back Pain

Chapter 17D Pain and Painful Syndromes

Chapter 17E Anatomy and Neurophysiology of Pain

Chapter 17F Biochemical Aspects of Pain

Chapter 18 Legal Aspects of Recovery for Psychic Injuries

Chapter 19 Psychological Consequences of Injuries to Children

Chapter 19A Psychological Consequences of Sexual Abuse in Children

Chapter 19B Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Chapter 19C Psychological Maltreatment of Children and Women

Chapter 19D Dyslexia


Chapter 20 Proving Brain Damage

Chapter 20A Sequelae of Head Injuries

Chapter 20B Anatomical Considerations in Brain Pathophysiology

Chapter 21 Psychological Changes After Head Injury

Chapter 21A Traumatic and Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Chapter 22 Amnesia

Chapter 23 Detection of Malingering

Chapter 23A Mental Stress Disorders in the Workplace

Chapter 23B Psychological Impact of Work Disruption

Chapter 24 Psychological Stress in Surgical Patients

Chapter 24A Depression in Women

Chapter 25 The Postpartum Period

Chapter 26 Fear of Future Illness

Chapter 26A Psychological Implications of Genetic Testing

Chapter 27 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chapter 28 Psychological Implications of Genetic Testing

Chapter 29 Tourette's Syndrome

Chapter 30 Suicide vs. Accidental Death

Chapter 31 Depression in the Elderly

Chapter 32 Care of the Cancer Patient

Chapter 33 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Chapter 34 Autism


Chapter 50 Glossary of Psychiatric Terms

Chapter 60 Aphorisms--Psychic Injuries


Damages Awards Chart

Chapter 100 Amount of Awards

Chapter 130 Cases Involving Specific Complaints

Master Bibliography

Legal Bibliography

Index of Expert Forensic Psychiatrists