Courtroom Medicine: Head and Brain

Publisher: Matthew Bender
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•  Clearly explains every type of head injury, its diagnosis and treatment, and the consequences of head trauma
•  Discusses possible sequelae of head and brain injury: epilepsy; loss of vision or hearing; amnesia and other conditions; acute and delayed neurologic syndromes
•  Carefully details underlying medical considerations of neuro-anatomy and physiology
•  Fully discusses facial and eye injuries
•  Provides annotations, glossary, bibliography, illustrations and index

First published in 1972.

4 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated two times a year with revisions and supplements.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Techniques of Examination of Witnesses


Chapter 2 Introduction

Chapter 3 Scalp

Chapter 4 Skull

Chapter 5 Meninges

Chapter 6 The Central Nervous System

Chapter 7 The Peripheral Nervous System

Chapter 8 The Autonomic Nervous System

Chapter 9 The Brain

Chapter 10 Cranial Nerves and Organs of Special Sense

Chapter 11 Ventricles of the Brain and the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Chapter 12 Brief History of Brain Function

Chapters 13-29 Reserved

Chapter 30 Classification of Head Injuries

Chapter 31 Mechanisms of Head Injury

Chapter 32 Incidence and Statistical Aspects

Chapter 33 Historical Review of Traumatic Head Injury

Chapter 34 Natural History of Patients with Brain Injuries

Chapter 35 Pathophysiology of Brain Injury

Chapter 35A Alcohol and Head Injuries

Chapter 36 Cerebral Concussion

Chapter 37 Contusions and Lacerations of the Brain

Chapter 38 Recent Neuropathological Studies

Chapter 39 Sports-Related Head Injuries


Chapter 40 Scalp Injuries

Chapter 41 Traumatic Ventricular and Meningeal Injuries

Chapter 42 Skull Fractures

Chapter 43 Associated Injuries and Secondary Pathology

Chapter 44 Craniocervical Trauma

Chapter 45 Complications and Delayed Syndromes

Chapter 46 Brain Damage Associated with Anesthesia

Chapter 46A Cerebrovascular Injuries

Chapter 47 Head Injuries and Delayed Neurological Disorders

Chapter 48 Multiple Sclerosis

Chapter 49 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Chapter 50 Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage and Hematoma

Chapter 51 Central Nervous System Infections

Chapter 52 Medical Aspects of Coma

Chapters 53-68 Reserved

Chapter 69 Medical Records

Chapter 70 Diagnosis of Brain Damage

Chapter 71 The Neurologic Examination

Chapter 72 Symptoms

Chapter 73 Findings

Chapter 74 Rating Severity of Head Injury

Chapter 75 The Electroencephalogram

Chapter 76 Echoencephalography

Chapter 77 Diagnostic Imaging


Chapter 77A Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chapter 77B PET and Nuclear Medicine

Chapter 78 Disturbances of Mental Function in Acute Brain Injury

Chapter 79 Minimal Brain Dysfunction and Hyperactivity

Chapter 80 Head Injuries: Acute Stage

Chapter 81 Dyslexia

Chapter 82 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Chapter 83 Autism

Chapter 84 Reserved

Chapter 85 Medical Treatment of Acute Head Injuries

Chapter 86 Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Head Injuries

Chapter 87 Drug Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Chapter 88 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Chapter 89-99 Reserved

Chapter 100 Prognosis

Chapter 101-109 Reserved

Chapter 110 Sequelae of Head Injuries

Chapter 111 Headache

Chapter 112 Vertigo and Dizziness

Chapter 113 Eye and Vision

Chapter 113A LASIK Eye Surgery

Chapter 114 Ear Injury and Hearing Loss

Chapter 115 Smell Sensation

Chapter 116 Taste Sensation

Chapter 117 Facial Paralysis

Chapter 118 Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Chapter 119 Psychological Changes After Head Injury

Chapter 120 Postconcussion Syndrome

Chapter 121 Decorticate and Decerebrate States

Chapter 122 The Brain and Death

Chapter 122A Death from Head Injury

Chapter 123 Amnesia

Chapter 124 Alzheimer's Disease

Chapter 125 Sleep Disorders

Chapter 126 Aerotitis Media and Barotrauma to the Ear

Chapter 127-136 Reserved

Chapter 137 Hydrocephalus

Chapter 138 Shaken-Baby Syndrome

Chapter 139 The Brain-Injured Neonate


Chapter 140 Head Injuries in Children

Chapter 141 Brain Injuries from Toxic Substances

Chapter 142 Brain Tumors

Chapter 143 Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders

Chapter 144 Cancers of the Head

Chapters 145-198 Reserved

Chapter 199 Ear Diseases and Injuries

Chapter 200 Facial Injuries

Chapter 200A Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Chapter 201 Eye Injuries

Chapter 202 AIDS and Dementia

Chapters 203-219 Reserved

Chapter 220 Summary and Overview

Chapters 221-249 Reserved

Chapter 250 Aphorisms--Head and Brain Injuries

Chapters 251-299 Reserved


Chapter 300 Amounts of Awards

Chapter 301-310 Reserved

Damages Awards Chart

Chapter 311 Cases Involving Specific Injuries

Master Bibliography

Legal Bibliography


Appendix: Glossary of Pertinent Medical Terms Used in this Work