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Court-Martial Procedure

Court-Martial Procedure covers the phases of military criminal procedure, from ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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4th Edition
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ISBN: 9781632830692
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Book Edition: 2017S

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Court-Martial Procedure covers the phases of military criminal procedure, from initiation of charges through conviction, appeal, and collateral attack. In addition to the complete text of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Rules for Court-Martial, and the Manual for Courts-Martial (including Change 5 to the Manual), Court-Martial Procedure provides valuable guidelines to many aspects of military trial procedure.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Military Criminal Law
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Initial Action
Chapter 4 Pretrial Restraint
Chapter 5 The Right to Counsel
Chapter 6 The Pleadings
Chapter 7 Double Jeopardy and Collateral Estoppel
Chapter 8 Disposition of Charges
Chapter 9 The Article 32 Investigation
Chapter 10 The Pretrial Advice and Referral of Charges
Chapter 11 Discovery
Chapter 12 Pretrial Agreements and Plea Bargaining
Chapter 13 Convening the Court; Inception of Trial; Participants; Publicity
Chapter 14 The Military Judge

Volume 2
Chapter 15 The Court Members
Chapter 16 Arraignment
Chapter 17 The Right to a Speedy Trial
Chapter 18 Motions
Chapter 19 Pleas and Providency Inquiries
Chapter 20 Procurement and Presentation of Evidence; Compulsory Process and Confrontation
Chapter 21 Trial on the Merits
Chapter 22 Summations, Instructions, Deliberations and Findings
Chapter 23 Sentencing
Chapter 24 Post-Trial Responsibilities and Actions
Chapter 25 Appeals, Extraordinary Relief, and Execution of Sentence
Chapter 26 Civilian Collateral Relief

Volume 3
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Table of Cases
Table of Uniform Code of Military Justice
Table of Rules of Courts-Martial
Table of Rules of Military Evidence