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Corporate Affiliations (Online Edition)

Drive your decision making with relevant business intelligence that's accurate, complete and timely. Gain insight on nearly 1 million global parent and subsidiary, public and private businesses, and 1.5 million executives with deep biographical data for more than 120,000 directors and executives.

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BIS :Online Research
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BIS :Online Research
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BIS :Online Research
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Product details

Gain insight on nearly 1 million global parent and subsidiary,   public and private businesses, and 1.6 million executives with deep biographical data for more than 140,000 directors and executives. has a strong focus on their proprietary   downloadable corporate families, and post-Merger & Acquisition data   resolution. Data available varies by content package purchased. See   “Content Packages” tab for more details.

  Most company profiles include (Unless indicated all data is     compiled by our own content team):

• Corporate structures (linked subs) (not included in Basic offering)

• Percentage of ownership

• Company contact info including corporate mailing address,   phone, fax, URL and general email

• Names, titles, and email addresses for key personnel

• Place of incorporation

• Ticker symbols and stock exchanges

• Annual sales figures or ranges, total assets and   liabilities, net worth and net income or loss

• FYE date

• Number of employees

• Business description

• SIC and NAICS codes

• Board of Directors

• Outside service firms including legal firms, auditors,   transfer agents, and registrars

• Brand names and product descriptions

• Competitor lists

• Year founded

• Enhanced company descriptions

  Most executive profiles (bios) include (not included in Basic offering):

• Year of birth

• Approximate age (based on YOB)

• Gender

• Education (Schools/Degrees)

• Association memberships

• Awards won

• Current boards

• Executive compensation (from Morningstar)

• Current positions

• Former positions

• Boardmates (other members of the boards that a person   currently sits on)

• Personnel emails

The following additional information is available in the Standard and Premium packages:

  Feeds included:

• Top Business News (articles chosen 2x daily from   publisher by our product team - a few shown, the rest linked)

• Company-specific news (link within company profiles out   to 90-day News)

• Merger News (these comes from Mergerstat)

• US newspaper feed from file MJUSP

  We also have (also compiled by our content team):

• Historical company profiles

• Executive move alerts

• MergerTrak

• List downloads

Please note that orders may take up to 2-3 business days to process. Once completed, online product access information will be sent via email.

Table of Contents

Corporate Affiliations Basic: This basic subscription has been
fine-tuned for students or other researchers. It includes relevant
company profiles, without executive bios, corporate families, historical
data, newsfeeds and MergerTrak™. By eliminating functions more suited to
sales and marketing - such as customizable company and personnel alerts,
company-specific newsfeeds and downloading or exporting of lists - we’re able to offer Basic at a lower price.

   Corporate Affiliations Standard: Our standard subscription
  allows users to take advantage of unlimited online access to the
  Corporate Affiliations database, offering corporate linkage coverage
  and searching capabilities. This includes:

• Continuous corporate updates, including corporate family
  trees, mergers and acquisitions, recent company news, and more . . .

• Executive move alerts based on your individual settings
  (e.g. by person, company, industry, geography, or combinations

• Extensive biographies for many directors and executives.

• The ability to download records directly to Excel, or to
  an ASCII file, create mailing labels, and much more!

  Corporate Affiliations Premium: Our premium
  subscription includes unique, historical company profiles with
  corporate families (dating back to 1993), which can be viewed
  side-by-side to see how companies have changed throughout the years.