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Contract Law and Practice

GERALD E. BERENDT, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School; REBECCA A. COCHRAN, Professor of Law, University of Dayton School of Law; DORIS ESTELLE LONG, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School; ROBERT J. NYE, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School; JOHN H. SCHEID, Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School

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Revised 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780327176800
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The organizational format, case selection, notes, questions, and problems in the first edition of this casebook proved extremely popular with first-year students. This revised second edition replaces some cases and adds new notes and problems designed to stimulate student discussion as well as update the text with new developments, including selected proposed changes in the Uniform Commercial Code and novel issues involving electronic information transfer. The authors continue to embrace an approach that invites students to bridge theory and practice in their exploration of contract law. To that end, the casebook’s notes and problems address transactional and drafting considerations as well as law practice and litigation questions.

The Teacher’s Manual provides briefs, highlighting the core facts and holdings of the cases, teaching points appropriate to particular cases, and suggested hypothetical situations designed to apply the principles and reasoning of each case. The Teacher’s Manual also includes suggested answers for most of the problems found in the casebook.

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This book also is available in a heavily discounted, three-hole punched, alternative loose-leaf version printed on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper with wider margins and with the same pagination as the hardbound book.

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