Connecticut Landlord and Tenant Law with Forms

By Noble F. Allen
Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 9781576257319
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Completely revised, updated, and reissued in paperback and as an eBook, Connecticut Landlord and Tenant Law is a desktop reference that covers the legal relationship between tenants and landlords, both in commercial and residential settings. This book includes an overview of lease construction and interpretation, the statutory obligations of landlords and tenants, summary process litigation, and non-summary process litigation. Chapters include:

•  Statutory Construction in Landlord Tenant Law
•  Lease Construction and Interpretation
•  Landlord and Tenant's Statutory Rights and Responsibilities—Residential •  Tenancies
•  Forcible Entry and Detainer Statute
•  Security Deposits and Advanced Payments
•  Certificates of Occupancy
•  Housing Court Proceedings
•  Summary Process Litigation
•  Post Judgment Proceedings
•  Summary Process Execution/Eviction of Tenants
•  Civil Litigation for Damages Valuable appendices to the book include an annotated glossary of common trigger provisions and concepts in commercial lease litigation as well as housing court forms and other landlord-tenant related forms.

Released in ePUB format, Connecticut Landlord and Tenant Law contains hyperlinks to the full text of cases, statutes and other authoritative content. The eBooks are compatible with a variety of devices and readers, including Apple iPad or iPhone, SONY Reader, Barnes & Noble NOOK and Adobe Digital Editions for PC and Mac.