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Condemnation Procedures and Techniques--Forms

Techniques and guidelines for the handling of a condemnation case
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ISBN: 9780820512433
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Techniques and guidelines for the handling of a condemnation case.


  • Each phase of pre-trial discovery
  • Procedural alternatives available to resist condemnation and avoid protracted litigation
  • Preparation of claims, environmental issues, and every kind of related problem
  • Jury instructions (both federal and state patterns)
  • Recent judicial trends, including landmark Supreme Court decisions
  • Costs and attorneys' fees
  • All the forms you need, plus appraisal contracts and reports

    Also provides expert examination techniques, full trial and appeals coverage, litigation forms, compensation statutes and index. Updated regularly.

    First published in 1969.

    6 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

    Available in the following configurations:

  • Full set includes Volumes 3 Part 1, 3 Part 2, 3A, 3A Part 2, 3B, and 3B Part 2.
  • Volumes 7-10 of Nichols on Eminent Domain.