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Covers the full range of contracts for buying, selling, leasing and licensing hardware, software and services, with legal analysis, sample clauses, and complete contracts to help you handle contracts for computer users and vendors, marketing arrangements, software development, maintenance, licensing arrangements and telecommunications contracts.

•  Unique double-column format provides invaluable clause-by-clause examination of a wide range of documents, with background material, and the full text of the agreement or clause under discussion
•  Primary source volume includes a glossary of computer terminology, pertinent statutes and regulatory materials, and selected cases
•  Unreported and otherwise unavailable computer contract cases
•  Points out potential benefits, pitfalls and problems in using various agreements and clauses
•  Gives you alternative language for custom - tailoring documents
•  Completely annotated
•  Includes proprietary and financial considerations, important federal and state tax aspects, protection of intellectual property and security rights

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Technology
Chapter 2 Contracting--An Overview
Chapter 3 Financial Considerations
Chapter 3A Protection of Proprietary Rights
Chapter 4 Standard Clauses
Chapter 5 Manufacturers' Agreements

Volume 2
Chapter 6 Third Party Hardware and Systems Agreements
Chapter 7 Development Agreements
Chapter 8 Software License Agreements
Chapter 9 Maintenance Contracts

Volume 3
Chapter 10 Data Processing Services
Chapter 11 FCC Regulation and Internet Communications
Chapter 11A Internet Issues and Transactions
Chapter 12 Distribution Agreements
Chapter 13 Employment and Related Security Safeguards
Chapter 14 International Considerations
Chapter 15 Security, Crime, and Privacy

Volume 4
Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
APPENDIX 1 Federal Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines
APPENDIX 2 Selected Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Standards Applicable to Software
APPENDIX 3 International Laws and Conventions
APPENDIX 4 European Union Directives and Decisions

Volume 5