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Community Bank Human Resources Management

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Community Bank Human Resources Management is designed specifically to give you everything you need to get the HR job done. The manual covers the risks associated with the HR management job, then leads you step-by-step through the things you can do to help the bank maximize its return from human resources, while treating employees with dignity and respect. And last but not least, through updates to the manual we will keep you informed about regulatory compliance issues.

We don’t just describe what needs to be done — we give you the tools to make it happen:

•  Guidance for organizing the human resources function
•  Tips for making your existing Human Resources organization more productive
•  Model human resources policy manual
•  Model salary administration system
•  Model job descriptions and guidance on how to develop your own
•  Procedures for handling problem employees
•  Sample applicant interview preparation worksheets
•  Sample performance reviews and rating forms
•  Sample exit interview procedures and forms
•  Procedures for employee termination
•  Layoff management procedures
•  Documents for performance management, delegation, empowerment, and goal setting you can copy and share with other managers and staff

Subscribers will receive a downloadable file containing editable forms

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Model Human Resources Policy Manual

Chapter 1: Model HR Policy Manual

Chapter 2: A Model Code of Ethics

Chapter 3: Practical HR Guidance

Chapter 4: Model HR Management Forms

Human Resources Management

Chapter 5: Job Descriptions

Chapter 6: Managing the Bank’s Corporate Culture

Chapter 7: Applicant Selection Process

Chapter 8: Employee Motivation

Chapter 9: Salary Administration

Chapter 10: Problem Employee Management

Chapter 11: Employee Appraisals

Employee Benefits Management

Chapter 12: Social Security, Medicare, and Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 13: Medical and Health Care Benefits

Chapter 14: Pensions and Other Potential Employee Benefits

Human Resources Compliance Management

Chapter 15: Human Resources Compliance

Training and Human Resources Development

Chapter 16: Training and Development

Chapter 17: Performance Management

Chapter 18: Delegation and Empowerment

Chapter 19: Goal Setting

Chapter 20: Service Quality Management

Chapter 21: A Model Customer Relations Handbook: Basic Rules for All Bank Employees

Chapter 22: A Model Teller Training Manual