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Code of Virginia Title 58.1 Taxation

Publisher: Michie

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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522118145
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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781630280048
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2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522118145
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This fully annotated and indexed edition was compiled from Michie's Code of Virginia and contains Title 58.1 Taxation. It is an ideal publication for tax advisors, accountants, and attorneys who specialize in law relating to finance or taxation. The book also includes a table of sections affected by recent legislation and sections of the Constitution of Virginia. Keep this convenient, softbound volume in your briefcase or on your desk for quick reference at all times.

Table of Contents

Sections Affected by recent Legislation

Title 58.1. Taxation
General Provisions of Title 58.1

Subtitle I. Taxes Administered by the Department of Taxation
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Department of Taxation
Chapter 3. Income Tax
Chapter 4,5. [Reserved]
Chapter 6. Retail Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 6.1. Virginia Tire Tax
Chapter 7. Beer and Beverage Excise Tax [Repealed]
Chapter 8. State Recordation Tax
Chapter 9. Virginia Estate Tax
Chapter 10. Cigarette Tax
Chapter 10.1. Enforcement of Illegal Sale or Distribution of Cigarettes Act
Chapter 11. Intangible Personal Property Tax
Chapter 12. Bank Franchise Act
Chapter 13. [Reserved]
Chapter 14. Virginia Watercraft Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 15. Virginia Aircraft Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 16. Forest Products Tax
Chapter 17. Miscellaneous Taxes
Chapter 18. Enforcement Collection Refund, Remedies and Review of State Taxes
Chapter 19. [Reserved]

Subtitle II. Taxes Administered by Other Agencies
Chapter 20. General Provisions
Chapter 21. Fire Tax
Chapter 22. Virginia Fuels Tax Act
Chapter 23. Oil Company Excise Tax [Repealed]
Chapter 25. License Tax on Certain Insurance Companies
Chapter 26. Taxation of Public Service Corporations
Chapter 27. Road Tax on Motor Carriers
Chapter 28. Corporation Charter and Related Fees, and Franchise Taxes
Chapter 29. Electric Utility Consumption Tax
Chapter 29.1. Natural Gas Consumption Tax

Subtitle III. Local Taxes
Chapter 30. General Provisions
Chapter 31. Local Officers
Chapter 32. Real Property Tax
Chapter 33. [Reserved]
Chapter 34. Payments in Lieu of Real Property Taxation
Chapter 35. Tangible Personal Property, Machinery and Tools and Merchants' Capital
Chapter 35.1. Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998
Chapter 36. Tax Exempt Property
Chapter 37. License Taxes
Chapter 38. Miscellaneous Taxes
Chapter 39. Enforcement, Collection, Refunds, Remedies and Review of Local Taxes

Subtitle IV. Other Sources of State Revenue
Chapter 40. State Lottery Law

Constitution of Virginia
Article X. Taxation and Finance


2001 Supplement
Sections Affected by 2001 Legislation
Title 58.1. Taxation
Constitution of Virginia