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Code of Maine Rules

The Code of Maine Rules is the complete collection of Maine's administrative ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Print Book :21 volumes, looseleaf, with monthly updates
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ISBN: 9780916812188
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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The Code of Maine Rules is the complete collection of Maine's administrative rules. Published since 1986, the Code of Maine Rules is the only complete print edition of the rules available.

The twenty-one volumes of the Code of Maine Rules are available in an easy-to-use looseleaf set. To ensure the most recent information is included, the set is updated monthly. Each volume is also available for purchase separately.

Included with the Code set or available separately, the Guide to Maine Rules is a collection of indexes intended to direct users quickly and efficiently to relevant Maine administrative rules. The Guide to Maine Rules contains:

Subject Index
Rules indexed by content with extensive cross-referencing

Rule Number Index
Rules indexed by number then grouped by issuing agency

Table of Authorities
Rules indexed by the statutes pursuant to which they were adopted

Proposed Rule Index
Proposed rules indexed by rule number and grouped by issuing agency

Emergency Rule Index
Emergency rules indexed alphabetically by agency

Table of Contents

Administrative Procedure Act
Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, Department of

Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, Department of, continued
Maine Potato Marketing Committee
Maine Milk Commission
State Harness Racing Commission
Maine Agricultural Bargaining Board
Pesticides Control, Board of
Pull Events Commission
Corrections, Department of
State Parole Board
Economic and Community Development, Department of
Administration Policy, Office of
Tourism and Community Development Office
Business Development, Office of

Environmental Protection, Department of
Air Quality Control, Bureau of
Land Quality Control, Bureau of
Water Quality Control, Bureau of

Environmental Protection, Department of, continued
Oil and Hazardous Materials Control, Bureau of
Shoreland Zoning
Underground Storage Tank Installers, Board of

Administrative and Financial Services, Department of
Accounts and Control, Bureau of
Revenue Services, Bureau of
Capitol Planning Commission
State Claims Commission
State Employee Health Commission
State Liquor and Lottery Commission
Human Resources, Bureau of
Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations, Bureau of
General Services, Bureau of
Conservation, Department of
Maine Forest Service
Parks and Lands, Bureau of
Land Use Regulation Commission

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Department of
Junior Maine Guides and Trip Leaders Curriculum Advisory Board
Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund Board
Marine Resources, Department of
Labor, Department of
Blind and Visually Impaired, Division of
Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of
Labor Standards, Bureau of
Unemployment Insurance Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Board
Maine Labor Relations Board
Apprenticeship/Training Council

Professional and Financial Regulation, Department of
Financial Institutions, Bureau of
Consumer Credit Regulation, Office of
Insurance, Bureau of
Securities, Office of
Maine Athletic Commission
Real Estate Commission
Licensing and Registration, Office of
Geologists and Soil Scientists, State Board of Certification for

Professional and Financial Regulation, Department of, continued
Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board
Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Board of
Barbering and Cosmetology, Board of
Accountancy, Board of
Veterinary Medicine, Board of
Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers, Board for Licensure of
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Board of Examiners on
Chiropractic Licensure, Board of
Real Estate Appraisers, Board of
Auctioneers, Board of Licensure of
Dental Examiners, Board of
Electrician's Examining Board
Professional Engineers, State Board of Registration for
Funeral Service, Board of
Foresters, Board of Licensure of
Respiratory Care Practitioners, Board of
Dietetic Practice, Board of Licensing of
Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for
Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board
Medicine, Board of Licensure in
Nursing, State Board of
Oil and Solid Fuel Board
Optometry, Board of
Osteopathic Licensure, Board of
Alcohol and Drug Counselors, State Board of
Manufactured Housing Board

Professional and Financial Regulation, Department of, continued
Elevator and Tramway Safety, Board of
Pharmacy, Board of
Physical Therapy, Board of Examiners in
Plumbers Examining Board
Podiatric Medicine, Board of Licensure of
Psychologists, State Board of Examiners of
Social Worker Licensure, Board of
Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners
Occupation Therapy Practice Board
Complementary Health Care Providers, Board of
Counseling Professional Licensure, Board of
Propane and Natural Gas Board

Transportation, Department of
Maine Pilotage Commission
Executive Department
State Planning Office
Secretary of State, Department of
Motor Vehicles, Bureau of
Corporations, Elections and Commissions, Bureau of
Maine State Archives
Attorney General, Department of
Victims' Compensation Board
Treasurer of State, Office of the
Defense, Veterans Services and Emergency Management, Department of
Maine Emergency Management Agency

Public Utilities Commission
Emergency Services Communications Bureau
Public Safety, Department of
Emergency Medical Services, Bureau of
State Fire Marshal, Office of
State Police, Bureau of
Liquor Enforcement, Bureau of
Criminal Justice Academy, Board of Trustees
Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

Education, Department of

Independent Agencies - Regulatory
Maine Potato Quality Control Board
Workers' Compensation Board
Water System Operators, Board of Licensure of
Fund Insurance Review Board
Maine Health Data Organization
Independent Agencies - Other
State Museum Board
Maine Arts Commission
Historic Preservation Commission
Kim Wallace Adaptive Equipment Loan Program
Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, Commission on
Atlantic Salmon Commission
Baxter State Park Authority
Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve Management Authority
Maine Human Rights Commission
Maine Municipal Bond Bank
Property Tax Review, State Board of

Independent Agencies - Other, continued
Maine Indian Tribal State Commission
Maine State Retirement System
Maine Educational Loan Authority
Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)
Maine Motor Carrier Review Board
Maine Biomedical Research Board
Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority
Small Enterprise Growth Board
Maine State Housing Authority
Maine Turnpike Authority
Maine Rural Development Authority

Behavioral and Developmental Services, Department of
Substance Abuse, Office of
Mental Health, Bureau of
Mental Retardation Services
Children With Special Needs, Bureau of
Health and Human Services, Department of
Rules #10 144 001 through 10 144 052 and
Rules #10 144 102 through 10 144 113

Health and Human Services, Department of, continued
Rule #10 144 101 MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapters I and II

Health and Human Services, Department of, continued
Rule #10 144 101 MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapters III through end

Health and Human Services, Department of, continued
Rules #10 144 115 through 10 144 245
Radiation Protection Rules
State Plumbing Code

Health and Human Services, Department of, continued
Rules #10 144 250 through 10 144 506
WIC Program
Food Stamp Certification Manual
General Assistance Policy Manual
Public Assistance Payments Manual
MaineCare Eligibility Manual

Health and Human Services, Department of, continued
Rules #10 144 508 through 10 144 610
ASPIRE/JOBS Program Rules
Data Research and Vital Statistics, Office of
Child and Family Services, Bureau of
Elder and Adult Services, Bureau of

Subject Index
Rule Number Index
Table of Authorities
Proposed Rule Index
Emergency Rule Index