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Client's Guide to Administering the California Trust

Layman's language explains exactly what one may, must, and may not do when administering a California trust after the death of the spouse.
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2018 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522155393
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Often, a surviving spouse will be called upon to administer a trust. Generally, the spouse has no training in this capacity, but has many questions. The Client's Guide to Administering the California Trust explains, in layman's language, the responsibilities and requirements of acting as a noninstitutional trustee. You can help your clients to be better-educated trustees by providing a copy of this pamphlet each time you begin a trust administration.

One copy of this pamphlet is provided with the purchase of the practice guide, California Trust Practice.

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Table of Contents

§ 1.00 Introduction 

§ 2.00 Preliminary Matters

§ 3.00 Gathering Important Information Promptly

§ 4.00 Filing Requirements

§ 5.00 Establishing the Administrative Trust

§ 6.00 Distributing Assets to the Subtrusts

§ 7.00 Debts and Creditors

§ 8.00 Trustee's Duties and Powers

§ 9.00 Preparing a California Fiduciary Account

§ 10.00 Trustee's Duty and Power to Invest

§ 11.00 Real Property Issues

§ 12.00 Court Supervised Proceedings

§ 13.00 Conflicts

§ 14.00 A Final Word